More old riding pictures.

Riding with Kevin was always a great time. You would never know what he was up to and then out of nowhere he would try some crazy wall ride or just come up with the most insane thing. Or some days he would just disappear for awhile and no one would know where he ran off to only to find him twenty minutes later riding something by himself. Always a fun time with Kevin. I went caving with him a few times and he would always manage to get so much further into some of the tight areas that most of the time should not have been attempted. Kevin was never afraid of much. But that is why I like him so much.

Bottom Bracket grind in some San Antonio ditch.

Way high wall ride off of a bank that was like riding a brick.  Kevin has mad hopping skills.

This is me doing a backyard that must have been around 1989. It must have been cool to have six different pegs and platforms on your bike at the time. I lost the fold ups sometime shortly after this was taken.

This is a really blurry shot of me doing a wall ride a the Golden Phoenix. I have a love hate relationship with this wall ride. The bank runs a good 50 feet along this wall and no two sections are the same. It is so quick that the most i can do is air out to ride down the wall. I am happy to get 5 bricks. I had a run of about ten crashes in a row one night here. Oh, good time. And the smell that also comes from that alley makes me wonder about that place sometimes. 

Untitled from edward koenning on Vimeo.