Sunday, February 01, 2009

King Of The Skate Parks.

As I was sitting at work the other day bored and surfing the Internet, I came across this My Space site Old School BMX. After looking over some of the amazing photos and getting all stoked on having seen most of them when I was much younger and realizing these are some of the reasons I got into riding bikes. Then I just happened to read over some of the stories that are on the site. Wow! There seems to be a bit of love loss towards Eddie Fiola.

Now as far as I am concerned, the politics from this era of the sport do not concern me. I actually enjoy reading some of these inside looks from a time when I was not involved in the sport. All I cared about was getting the next issue of BMX Plus and BMX Action to see what coverage they might have of these skate park series. I was riveted by the action and the pictures in these magazines. I would ride around our neighborhood looking for ditches that looked anything like a skate park to ride my Murray X20r in.

The way I see it the guys that pushed the sport of freestyle park and ramp riding from this time are all King of The Skate Parks. Some of the things these guys did in those parks was just amazing. Mike D. almost landing that tailwhip out of the Combi pool, Hugo's 360 over the fence at Del Mal, Brian Blyther going so high ever chance he got, and of course Eddie Fiola riding that contest on those 3/8"wheels. So amazing. Enjoy some of the pics and videos I have linked to. The are some of my favorites.