Mileage and a bit of Metallica.

I have been trying to log my mileage each time I commute to work on the bike. Here is a list of the last 4 times I made the trek. 

1. 15.12 miles, (454.5 odo),  26.5 max speed, 1.10.31 time, 12.8 average speed
2. 14.57 miles, (127.6 odo),  29.0 max speed, 1.07.27 time, 12.9 average speed
3. 14.46 miles, (142.1 odo),  25.5 max spped, 1.17.46 time, 11.1 average speed*
4. 14.32 miles, (476.0 odo),  24.5 max speed, 1.01.43 time, 13.9 average speed

Day three has an asterisk due to the fact that 4 miles of that was off road through McAllister Park. So my average speed was down and time was way up. I did change the route up a little on yesterdays ride and managed to increase my average speed and cut my time down almost six minutes.

Ride 2 and 3 where done on the Fisher with different tires. 

Ride 1 and 4 were done on the Redline cruiser.

It is not to tough a ride on the single speed. The only bad thing is there is not much top end on the gearing.But I really would rather have it that way than have to die on all the hill climbs.