Thursday, May 20, 2004

darts tonight

well we had darts tonight. and we got our asses kicked. 10-5. oh well. we had a good time. shiners and bull blasters. i am goning to cut out early tonight. lots to do tomorrow. any one who wants to ride call me at 685-9250. we will be riding around 7 pm.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


well time for the simpsons. what would we do with out them?
go crazy i guess. DON'T MIND IF I DO!

new images

well i an scanning a few of the slides i have shot over the past few months.
i have not been able to shot as much as i would like, but now that the
weather is better i should be shooting a lot more.
here is a tree i found one day while sneaking into the public skatepark
here. it looks like there is a face in it.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

long week.

i have been cleaning and organizing the eleven office. i also installed our second computer
which will handle day to day operations and accounting mubo jumbo. i have quite a bit
of stuff going on that it seems like too much. but i will handle it.
this week was monique's eye surgery. she has been fighting a harsh attack on her left eye
which doctors seem not to know what is is. is has been over a year and we have had nothing
positive come out of this situation. her eye has progressively gotten worse. so the last call of
action was to remove the eye. i can barley type this, it is hard just to think about it. i wish
she could have something go her way. she has been through too much. i would give any-
thing to have her heathy again.
and that is why i have been kinda absent from all them goings on and what-nots as far
as the bmx world is concerned. i just have not in the mindset to do anything related to
these things. i am sorry if i have let any one down or pissed them off but please understand
that monique's heath is much more important to me than riding a bike.
but if all starts to go well, i am planning the release of eleven and entropy is all ready under-
way. the new shirts are designed and are going out to printers this week. so keep your eyes
well i am going to the computer store to get one more cable. i ask everyone to say a prayer
for monique and wish her a speedy recovery.