Doctor Who--The Horns of Nimon

Kris Markovich Foundation Video

Eben Ficsher 10 front brake tricks.

Random photos

AT-AT Day Afternoon

BMX Action April 1980

Update to Monday's post.

Classic Texas BMX picture.

Friday free for all.

Current reading.

BMX Action Novenber 1985

Rainy ride.

Rodney Williams Toughhombres edit.

Random 5

Doctor Who--The Pandorica Opens Clip 1

New Doctor Who Christmas Image

Rodney Williams

Pandorica concept art.


BMX Action January 1983

New coping!

The Pandorica Opens trailer.

Another fun Friday.

Doctor Who, new clips. The Lodger.

I scored a goal in the FIFA Finals.

BMX vs. Horse!

Doctor Who--The Tomb of the Cybermen

Doctor Who--The Lodger

Tuesday Junk.

BMX Plus February 1983.

Badass Drummer

Saturday work day.


What's with the but?

Doctor Who "Vincent and The Doctor" clips.

BMX Action June 1984