Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Doctor Who--The Horns of Nimon

Little slow at work today, so I am catching up on some classic Doctor Who episodes. I am somewhat sorry for never seeing this Tom Baker episode. True classic. I am just about done with the first two parts. Will post more later.

Here is the You Tube link for the user's site. Watcher of Dental

Kris Markovich Foundation Video

Another great skate section. Markovich rules.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Eben Ficsher 10 front brake tricks.

Really cool video. Something BMX doesn't have enough of right now, more front brake riders. Could also use a lot more Eben Fischer footage.

Random photos

Shot a few random photos on the way home last night.

Gutted Linens' N Things off San Pedro next to the empty Circuit City.


I was spotted by this guy taking pictures. He looked like he wanted to take a bite out of me.

Lost dog.

I will heading back here with my bike soon.

New jumps.

Rusty wire. There where huge piles of this wire laying in the parking lot. Anyone laying a new patio anytime soon?

rusty wire 4

Up close. I think I need a tetanus shot now.

rusty wire 2

AT-AT Day Afternoon

I think I found our next dog.

BMX Action April 1980

Before Eddy Fiola was crowned King of the Skateparks, Bicycle Motocross Action had already named Tinker Juarez as the King. This iconic cover of Tinker laying out some style at the Lakewood Skatepark is ranked up there in my top ten covers from this time frame.

Not too often will I post up one of the editorial pages from any old publication. But when it includes artwork by Mr Bob Haro himself, I just had to get it posted. Here is a link for a bunch of his awesome drawings. Go get yourself a new desktop image.

I had run many a set of these Tioga Comp ST tires, I feel kinda lame for not knowing that the ST stood for Stadium Tire. I get a black mark for that against my old school knowledge. Good to see the overall design of the Comp ST didn't change much over the years. Great tires.

Tinker Juarez may be known to most people as a winning mountain bike racer. But his roots run deep into BMX history. This spread of him tearing up Lakewood Skatepark is proof of that. And I really could care less if anyone says anything about his knees in that table top picture. Awesome style on a bike that has wheels that weigh more than my whole bike now.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Update to Monday's post.

It seems I forgot to post a picture in a post a couple of Mondays ago. Had to get back and get it added. It seems side hacks are making somewhat of a comeback. Seems like a good thing. Would like to see some race action with these at the track.

Looks like a fun time. The guy's monkey on the left looks like he is about to jump ship. Also noticed that the rider on the right is running one toe clip. Was this normal back the?

Classic Texas BMX picture.

Saw this over on Vintage Bmx. Great picture from my old friend Carl Lein. Little bit of early Texas BMX at its best. Shot at Southwest Supercross in Missouri City, TX (just south of Houston). Number 20 in the lead in Carl as usual. He was always fast.

Friday free for all.

Another week has come and gone, now I am waiting to get out of work to get home and ride bikes with Jonas. Always a fun time when I get home from work.

The Least Most guys posted this back up the other day. Watching Chase ride is a good way to get motivated before going out and riding. He goes so fast and high. Pure style.

Another goody to listen to before getting ready to ride. Hell! If this comes on while I am riding, I'll try and go as fast as I can. Such a good song.

And here for your viewing pleasure is The People That Time Forgot. It is the sequel to The Land That Time Forgot. Pretty good sequel with the usually cheesy special effects. That is one reason I love these old movies so much. Plus Sarah Douglas who stars in it also plays Ursa in Superman II. I also find it funny that if you look at the poster for the movie, one of the guys looks like a crazy(ier) Charles Barkley. Just saying.

And of here is a classic Ursa clip. "Let's just hold hands." Sucker!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Current reading.

Had some coupons from Borders the other day and decided to pick up some new trades to read. Not a bad deal for 50 percent off. And they discounted both. Pick then up form Amazon if you want.

First pick was a Marvel take on L .Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz. A great job by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young. Nice art and a great story that follows the original quite well. I highly recommend it for anyone who was a fan of the movie or book. If you were not, give it a try, it might be a good way for you to enjoy the take on the original material.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Graphic Novel)

Next was something I was hoping would give me a little back history of Marvel's favorite X-Men, Wolverine. This is not a bad read, just a little thin. And well, the Deadpool section in the middle just didn't seem like it belonged in there at all. The story of Wolverine and Saber Tooth was a good read though, and made up for it. So if you want to brush up on your Wolverine history, and didn't like the X-Men Origins "Wolverine" movie, this would be good for you.

Wolverine: Tales Of Weapon X GN-TPB (Wolverine (Marvel Paperback))

Monday, June 21, 2010

BMX Action Novenber 1985

Dave Vanderspek on the cover of this issue. Curb Dog legend and inventor of the 'Vander Roll". Lots of cool history there. Check out Maurice Meyer's site for some really cool stuff about Dave and the Curb Dogs. And the infamous table top picture. So cool. RIP Dave.

The BMX Action Trick Team always had the biggest crowds at their shows. Here is RL Osborn doing a no-footer in Tennessee at the Murray World Cup Race.

I find this picture of Ron Wilton doing the one hand, one footer to be really cool in so many ways. It is such a cool air, especially considering he is doing it on that little six foot wide ramp they had. It is also funny to see some of those Pacific Brand bike parts on his bike. Did people actually use that stuff? The size of those rear standing platforms was ridiculous.

And of course we get the Fred Blood roller skating shot. There has been some rumors around that roller skating is making a come back in the cements parks. And I am sure Fred Blood will be there leading the way. That is just as bad a rollerblading.

Epic race coverage from Indiana. Ronnie Anderson out in the lead in this picture. This must have been in the main because Ronnie was wearing all white. Seems he wore all black in his motos, then switch over to all white in the mains. He had a three win race here which was pretty normal for him. The guy was crazy fast. Some even said a touch bit crazy, but I really don't know. just rumors.

Nice starting gate picture of Billy Griggs. This was back before he turned pro. The guys over at Fat BMX had a good write up on Billy's shop that he runs. Workshop Wednesday is what they call it. Go over there and check it out.

I wouldn't normally post up a picture of Tommy Brackens sliding out and race rusults, but these were too good to pass up. A Pro money was taken by mountain bike rider Jon Tomac. The guy was all over the place back then. I think he even rode the Tour De France. Also one of my favorite San Antonio racers ever and former Austin riding buddy of mine Marty Christman winning 11x over someone named Greg Romero. Whoever that is?

Rainy ride.

Had a good ride home from work the other day. I think this was on Friday evening. Made it all the way to our neighborhood and that was when the rain started. It actually felt pretty good. Just a little slippery. Did manage to get a few pics and a video clip. This one in my new desktop background. Nice helmet buddy.

The kid walking in the bike lane had no idea what to think of the goofball riding in the rain one handed taking a picture. Hey, I didn't hit him.

Quick video clip of the rainy hill climb. Here is the finally numbers. 

Av.-15.0, Dst.-14.05, Oco.-1203.3, Mx.-30.5, tm.-0.55.50

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random 5

It is Thursday and as I sit here at work listening to music like I do everyday, I am constantly coming across songs that I really like. They may not be the newest of songs, hell, some of these tunes are from way before I was born. It just shows the longevity of music. So take a few minutes to enjoy some awesome sounds.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pandorica concept art.

Really cool concept art of the Pandorica. Possible spoilers after the jump.


RAD is up on You Tube in HD. Love the into to this movie. Wish I had Pipeline in my backyard.

I like that the preview pic is two old farts in a boat. Fitting.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

BMX Action January 1983

Anytime there was BMX Action Trick Team coverage I was pretty excited. When I first saw this cover I had no idea what to think. Just imagine a twelve year old leaning on the side of his house trying to get himself and his bike in this position. Pre-locking brake levers, I had some nice road rash from sliding down against our brink house. Never did learn these either. Damn Pat Romano and his fixed gears! It might also be up for debate that Buff and RL invented these as the magazine claims. I think that trick goes further back then that. I could be wrong though.

New coping!

Installed coping on the ramp yesterday. Ramp is so much more fun with it on there. Filmed a few mess around clips today with the Zi8. Clink, clank. Neighbors are going to love that.

Old man runs. from edward koenning on Vimeo.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another fun Friday.

Had another good ride into work today. The clouds were looking like they might open up and let loose on me. They decided to be nice though. No rain spotted this morning. I did see a bunch of school buses camped out where they sleep. Roads were quite this morning. Slackers must have been getting ready for the World Cup.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doctor Who, new clips. The Lodger.

A few new clips have popped up for The Lodger. Hearing rumors of more of the previous Doctor's faces turning up in this episode also. One of these clips has a line real close to one the Second Doctor had in The Five Doctors.

Also some rumors going around about a 4 Doctor special episode with Matt Smith, David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston, and Paul McGann. Eh, would be cool, but I don't see that happening.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I scored a goal in the FIFA Finals.

This videos are really well done. I really like the one from 1950. "Ghiggia almost single-handedly sent the nation of Brazil into spiraling depression when he scored in the de facto final of the 1950 World Cup in Brazil."

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

BMX vs. Horse!

I guess in 1983 That's Incredible thought it might be a good idea to see who would win a race. A horse or someone on a BMX bike? Well, my money is on the horse. Sorry RL, not a chance. Maybe if they used Stu Thompson instead, it might have been different.

Doctor Who--The Tomb of the Cybermen

Pulled some old VHS tapes out of storage to watch a few oldies. Pulled a classic 1967 Patrick Troughton story The Tomb of the Cybermen. Really good 4 part story that has held up well over time. Worth a watch for any Doctor Who fan. 

I think most of it is up on this You Tube channel.

Doctor Who--The Lodger

Spotted a new trailer over at BBC for The Lodger. James Corden from Gavin and Stacey is pretty funny, too bad he will be killed off by the end of the episode. Just kidding.

Tuesday Junk.

Like I have done for the past 168 Tuesdays, I will be watching TRS. "Nerd is the new cool." Get your geek on fools. Watching these guys cook is always funny.

Found this channel on You Tube. Lots of really good classic Doctor Who Episodes. I really like the old Hartnell ones. Good to see the Doctor as the old crotchety old man that he once was. These are from an episode called The Rescue.

And of course I have to get my fix of Top Gear. This is one of the best test ever. Poor truck. So surprised after it came out of the water.

Monday, June 07, 2010

BMX Plus February 1983.

Bob Haro this time on the cover of BMX Plus February 1983. This bike he is riding has to be one of the most copied builds for Old School BMX collectors of Haro bikes. I can see why, it was a cool set up for sure.

Test of the Champion 24" cruiser. very cool looking bike with that added cross brace between the top and down tubes. Just looked like a really large build compared to some other cruisers around this time. This is the write up that made me want to learn "Hanna's".

Nice shot of the cut away of that added tube. Nice to see they had them welded in and not just shoved in and tacked to the down tube. Very cool. Also a great shot of Martin Aparijo doing the visor buzzer version of the "Hanna".

Another jump I went out and learned after reading this test. For a "Flatlander" Martin was also a pretty good dirt jumper.

Rad Gallery with two berm slides! I have said it before, and will say it again. What BMX needs now-a-days are more berm shots. BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Update!!!! Forgot one scan. Had to come back and add it. Really cool shot of Steve Veltman going fast as usual, and of Brian Patterson. Big race for Patterson, he had a triple win here. Really impressive to just get a double, I think he even won the title that year also. I wonder if Steve knew that he and I were on the same team for awhile? I doubt it. I was just a kook on a freestyle bike.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Saturday work day.

I don't have to work on too many Saturdays. It seems when I do though, there is always something crazy going on. We usually order out and feed everyone that works on our Saturday team, but today we decided to grill. Always a fun time. As long as I don't have to man the pit.

And this is one of our Big Ass Fans. That is actually what they are called. Complete with a Donkey logo.

Friday, June 04, 2010


Cheers! Today is National Doughnut Day. Go and have a Doughnut. I think I might have two.

And you know I have to have my chocolate milk with my Doughnuts.

And here are some of the best doughnut clips from the Doughnut King himself.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

What's with the but?

Just love me some Abbot and Costello.

And another one of my favorites. "She gave me the cake for nothing. That don't  mean we are engaged does it?" Martha Raye is so funny as the twins. Classic.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Doctor Who "Vincent and The Doctor" clips.

Lots of strangeness going on in these clips. So looking forward to this one.

And here is the official trailer for this episode.

And don't forget, Doctor Who Night at the Draft House is coming up. June 16, 2010. 

BMX Action June 1984

Been slacking getting the updates going. Long Memorial Day weekend filled with a bunch of projects to get done. Managed to get a bunch finished, which is nice. Now time for a throwback.

I can honestly say that I read this issue of BMX Action over a million times when it came out. Another classic cover shot from Bob Osborn, and another good issue with a ton of good content. On the cover, Donovan Ritter tips his hat and runs his number 1 sideways. Hey, Eddie Fiola ran his upside down. Looks good to me. Do a search online about those two. Some interesting rants from Donovan about Eddie.

When a bunch of us in the neighborhood saw this photo, we all decided to go ride our bikes into a pond in the subdivision across the street from a local ditch we would ride all the time. Much to our surprise, not as fun if you don't have a ramp. Hey, we didn't care, it was summer in Texas, we needed to cool off.

Two of the best styles ever. Hands down. Brian Blyther on the left with a "tuck" air  at the usual Blyther height. Guy went so high and was always so smooth. And Mike Dominquez on the right with a proper look back. I must have driven Mr. Sanders at Action Bikes mad all the times I would call him. "Do you have white Tuff Wheels with the blue hubs?" I called so much the number is burned into my brain. 

Tons of good coverage from this contest. Eddie being a hard ass riding with a cast on. Brian Beam's one handed fence plant is crazy especially where he was doing it. And well, more awesomeness from Dominquez.

Big upset over the highest air contest. The side by side photos on the left show Eddie and Mike's highest airs. There has always been some question as to how Eddie won, and if he should have one. Biggest question was where do you measure? Always the lowest point of the bike. It looked to me that Mike might have really won that contest. The judges wouldn't break up a MF team now would they?

A while back I had posted something about the time line of "The Judge" jump. This was Tim Judges response to all the hoopla. DAMN! That would make even Vic Murphy proud.