Sunday, September 30, 2012

Secret Policeman's Ball--Rowan Atkinson 'Headmaster'

SOTD--Cheap Trick--Dream Police

Love the three guitar into. Simply amazing.


Beer Of The Day--Guinness

Last Day Of September

Beautiful day to end the month of September on. Nice and cool in the evening, enough to fire up the fire pit and have some beer in he backyard. Big 'ol moon out also. Ready for you October!

New Desktop Image For October

Does anyone still do this? Anyway, here it is.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Many Faces Of Doctor Who

By Jeremy Treece

Saturday Evening Bike Ride

Took an excellent bike ride Saturday evening. Good to get some miles in before the rains came in. Tens miles on the cruiser is better than no miles on the cruiser.

Current Watching -- Doctor Who The Krotons

Sitting in on a rainy Sunday day to watch the Doctor Who The Krotons DVD. 

The Krotons Part1 by matrixarchive

Great review here:

Doctor Who -- The Power Of Three Trailer

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Excellent Rain Today In San Antonio

We have seen some good rain over the past few days. Today's rain was nice and lasted most of the day. Our area really needed it. 

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Oh Beer Fridge How I Love Thee!

Current Watching -- Spies Like Us

Freestlylin' Magazine -- September 1986 Part Three

This Driver's Education article has always been one of my favorites. I never managed to figure out how Jason Parks did that candybar x-up kick turn. So sick! 

See part one here.
See part two here.

Deluxe BMX Chrome Show Bike

I would love to get my hands on one of these! Photo lifted from the Deluxe BMX Twitter/Instagram feeds. Be sure to read the Deluxe Blog. It is one of the best out there.

CW Racing -- Flirting With Dizzaster

CW always had some of the oddest ads. Here John "DIZZ" Hicks pops some front wheel hops while two strumpets are on their way to The Whiskey a GO go to see Guns N' Roses.

This is a continuation from this post:

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Doctor Who -- Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

New trailer has been released for Dinosaurs On A Spaceship.


Dave Vanderspek Over Christian Hosoi -- Venice Beach AFA Contest

A reminder of how good Vanderspek was.Here is Vander over Hasoi during the Venice Beach AFA contest. I am still trying to figure out what issue of Freestylin' this is from. I am thinking the November 1985 issue, if anyone can verify that for me?

View more of Vander here:

Freestylin' Magazine -- September 1986

The beginning of September brings about the re-start of the old school magazine throwback posts. So it seems fitting that the first issue I am posting is the September 1986 issue of Freestylin' with Ceppie Maes on the cover.

Maurice Meyer and Dave Vanderspek two parts of the legendary Curb Dogs. If you look at Maurice's sequence in the other direction it looks like a huge abubaca. And the shot of Vander is just pure amazingness. Almost as good as this one.

First Day Of September. SHUT IT!

First day of September and I am working on this fine Saturday. This is how I feel about working today. "And now, young will die."