Monday, November 29, 2010

Top Gear meets B-Girls

Watching the Top Gear episode where they drive through the south. Classic. But why is this song on my mind?

James Shepherd--Homeless Trash

Possibly one of the smoothest sections ever. James Shepherd is a ruler!

Bicycle Motocross Action--September 1980

Great cover shot of Brent Patterson laying out the style for Bob Osborn's camera.

I never really knew what to think of these Moosegoose bikes. Quite the strange looking bike indeed.

The NBL St. Louis War Of The Stars had one Hell of a first jump, and this picture captures some of the problems people were having with it. Well, everyone but Stu that is. This might be the first issue that I noticed multiply Star Wars references.

This might be the second time I have posted that Brent Patterson bunnyhop photo. Such an epic photo. Now we know what issue it came from. Dig the panning in that Scott Ahart photo, "kicked into hyperdrive."

Toby Henderson doing the "Henderson." This might be the first time I have seen Toby Henderson rocking the Tuff Wheels. Does anyone know who that rider in the other shot?

This ACS Z-Rim test article and the photos that came along with it have become some of the most iconic BMX photos ever. Trash Can Morgan(Bob Morgan) letting is loose to test out the Z-Wheels.

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RIP Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen passed away yesterday at the age of 84. Star of one of the best Sci-Fi movies ever, 1956's The Forbidden Plant. And some other "funny" movies. Shirley he will be missed.

View the rest of The Forbidden Planet here. The Forbidden Plant on You Tube.

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Project Truck Part 2

There is now a large hole in the engine compartment. Time to rip this motor apart.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Project Truck Part 1

Well here it is. After being without a car for almost a year and finally giving up at looking on Craigslist for a car, I picked up a used, running(just barley) 1998 Ford F150. I have been wanting a little truck for hauling stuff in and to be a daily driver. The key was it needed a V6 and also needed to be cheap. This little truck just fit the bill. At only $800 it was a steal. It does need some engine work and some minor body touch up. The guys here at work are going to be putting in some time with me to get it up and running at a very minimal cost. Hope to have it done by at least December 10th. But we will see. Every chance we have had to work on it has been pushed back by other work. But I can't complain. It is free labor. More updates as we get more into it. And as a bonus, it came with a new water hose for the house. Sweet!

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BMX Action--November 1984

BMX Action November 1984 and "Capt" Kirk Chrisco with a killer on footed downside table at The U. Another great Bob Osborn cover shot.

I wonder how no one at this time didn't realize how absolutely crazy those CW bars where. And what the Hell was I doing trying bar hops on them?

Holy ring of fire! Gerritt Jan Koornwinder and Hans de Jons won top honnors with this "hot" picture. Those silly Dutch riders both won GT bikes. I guess it is fitting seeing as it says they are both team riders for Kuwahara.

I remember seeing that shot of Kevin Hull blasting over that trailer and thinking that he must have died on the landing. What a great picture. Did GT re-shoot this for another ad later on? And what ever happened to that dork doing the look back from Kansas? What was his name again? Dennis McCoy something or other?

Great spread of RL coming in fast at a Rockville show. Those crowds there were always the biggest.

Possible one of the most famous Tim Judge shots ever. Blasting off the pier behind Mr. Hutch's house. I still want a pair of those Oakley wing arm bands. Someone make it happen.

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