Ruben Alcantera.

Greg "Noodles" Tait

I just won a shit load of money!

It is getting close.

New TARDIS shots.

New Airbender Trailer.

Monday Magazine throwback.

The Crawling Hand.

Do they really call it snogging?

The Doctor inturrupts ABBA.

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What the fucking holy hell?

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1988 King of Vert

Comic Book Wednesday.

Tuesday time waster.

BMX Freestyler Blog.

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Monday Magazine throwbacks.

BMX Monday.

Space Madness!

Doctor Who Season 5 trailer.

The Tony Kornheiser Experience.

Wednesday reads(new comic book day)

Tuesday Time Waster.

Star Trek

More numbers and sunrise pics.

Nerd overload today.

Video frame grabs.

A look at what I see daily.

Mileage and a bit of Metallica.

.....a fish this big.

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