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John Yull--Return of the Powermower

What is that? Three or four flatland post in a week? Hahaha, John Yull strikes again with a kickass take on the powermower. Now come fix our yard John!

Pedal Driven Cycles

Mr. David Harrison and Pedal Driven Cycles is looking like it might become a reality. With the help of backers on Kickstarter it does look like he is on his way to raising the 8k goal to get the project started. Now if I can just come up with $750 to help out. Maybe Dave can make me another metal Homeless Bikes pendant. The old one is buried somewhere at 9th Street.

Head over to Kickstarter to help fund this project: The rebirth of bmx.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Doctor Who 48th Anniversary

“Let me get this straight- a Thing that looks like a policebox, standing in a junkyard, can move anywhere in time and space?” Ian Chesterton.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dave Parrick -- Fakie Air

Shot this at the second Tank Skatepark in San Antonio. I think Dave is riding Taj's bike in this photo,they were down filming for the Etnies Foward video. And that is all moot at this point with 11-26-11 coming up quick.

Reinforcements At Work

Glad these guys stopped by today. I needed the back up. I do have to question the one Rebel on his choice of helmet wear.

Monday, November 07, 2011

San Antonio BMX Labor Day Edit

Good stuff from some of the San Antonio locals.

Bad Idea Premiere--11-26-11

Sunday Solo Ride and Pictures

Went out and rode for a few hours yesterday. Just flying through town grinding everything and hopping over stuff. So fun, feels good to loosen up hopping over stuff. Forget how many fun little spots downtown has.

Garage Sale Finds--Star Wars Comics

Always something good when the family comes home from checking out the local neighborhood garage sales. These are from a time after I had lost interest in Marvel's run of the Star Wars series. Some of the art had gotten really bad, and well, the stories were not much better. Are you kidding, a Ewok story with that "great" cover shot? (*see 96 cover) Yeah, it is as bad as could be expected. Still nice to go back and read a few of these. Thanks family unit! How about some blue milk?

AT-AT! I need to get a bounch of these for the house!

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Bicycle Motocross Action--June 1978

1978 was way before my time in BMX, but there is one name that keeps popping up over all those years, Stu Thompson. NBA #1, wow, they guy had a long run as a BMX pro.

Stu interview. Cool to see him riding SE. I was so used to seeing him in Redline or Huffy colors.

Wonder if he landed that one handed one footed x-up? And is that where the "Super Pros" got their start?

Sometime this morning on Twitter I posted a link to this photo. Stoked when I downloaded this issue and found that Tinker had the spread in it. Guy is an amazing bike rider.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Freestylin' -- January 1988 Part 2--Gary Pollak--Lookback

Had to make sure to post the picture of Gary Pollac with a mean lookback from the January 1988 issue of Freesylin'. Photo by Bob Stukey.

San Antonio Rain Days

We had a nice bit of rain over the weekend, and as soon as it cleared up on Sunday we made our way out to play around in the puddles. Good times.

Dino DeLuca--AFA Huntington Beach 1985

View more old school videos at JefcoFreestyle YouTube Page

Freestylin' -- January 1988

Josh White with another amazing cover shot. These tour issues were always a fun look into some of the different team tours. Nice seeing some of the goings on with the riders.

Great opening shot of the Tour 1987 article. I used to love those CW tires. We used to poach them off all the CW bikes that were in the the bike shop I worked at.

Dino DeLuca airing over an alley-ooping Dave Voelker. Cutting it a little close on that one. Wonder how many times these guys hit? The Air over 540 at the Haro shows were always the best.

JT Racing -- Bone To Be Wild

Working on a post for the January 1988 issue of Freestylin' and I just couldn't figure how JT Racing thought this could be a good idea.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Bike Busy Weekend

Seems to be a busy weekend of bike related things to do. Here are a few things to check out.

Frankenbike Swap Meet is Saturday 10-8-2011 at the Korova, 10am -4pm.

Also Saturday in San Marcos is the Texas Flatland Round Up VII. Special guest include Wu-Tang and The Killer Bees will be performed.