Monday, April 28, 2008

done for the night.

just finished episode 2 of the androids of tara. overall the first two are really good. i always enjoyed the forth doctor. i just wonder if the nose on count grendel is the actor's real nose? it is a duesey of a nose. i am also watching epi 1 of logopolis. i always enjoyed this story also. the watcher was always a bit mysterious to me. and the fact they open up and explored the tardis more. i liked that when i was younger, seeing something so big on the inside. very cool.

gotta love you tube.

good to see someone posting this. nice hair hippy!

more videos.

getting ready to watch more old doctor who episodes. david tennant is on top gear tonight. pretty good episode. i want to see the billie piper episode, she beat his track time. i hear it is a good episode.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

doctor who episode tonight......

i have decided to go through and watch a few of my older doctor who dvds. but do it one episode a night. i have decided on the androids of tara. a story from the key to time series. maybe i should have started with the ribos operation. does any one else prefer mary tamm's romana over lalla ward's?

nice day today.

today was a good day so far. the astros won a day game. i installed a new ceiling fan in my computer room and clean the area around the hot tub to put in pea gravel tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i take it back.

the astros are starting to look good and getting their batters in a groove. 30 runs in the last three games. maybe they don't suck. we will see.