Friday, April 30, 2010

Epic sword fights.

Someone sent me a link to a homemade light saber fight. So I decided to post up some other cool sword fights.

Ryan vs Dorkman 2

Obi Wan vs Grievous compared to old Sinbad movie. Also needs to be noted that Tom Baker, the forth Doctor is in this movie.

Qui-Gon, Obi Wan vs Darth Maul.

Vader vs Luke final battle.

Scaramouche final fight scene. 1952. By far the best ever. Possible the longest ever.

From the archives.

Pulled some old slides to scan. Found one of Chase Hawk and a tree. Enjoy. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ass kicking Wednesday!

Always a good day when a bunch of old Metallica comes up on random play. I need it after having a cold and tough ride to work this morning. Feels like it is going to be a nice day out though. Should be a fun ride later.

Av.-13.7, Dst.-13.92, Odo.-628.7, Mx.-24, Tm.-1.00.55

There you go. Now go out and ride your bike.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can Can footplant.

This picture has gotten way more views than I ever thought it would. I think it is almost at 500 in two months. Not bad for a little goofing off in the backyard.

Monday, April 26, 2010

BMX Action April 1985

Since April is still here for a few days, I decided to post up some stuff from BMX Action April 1985. Cover boy was Tony Murray doing a sick one footed table more than likely on that blue Haro quarter pipe on the back or their trailer. Those were always the best shows. Always heard stories of Tony crashing full speed into that ramp when the lower section was flipped up. Probably just false rumors from the road.

Then you have an article that should have read "Pure Platinum."  If these guys would have had any idea what kinda of prices some of this old Hutch stuff would be getting now-a-days, they would be loaded. Also, how could you not love Mike Miranda's style.


Tales from the workbench.


Well, for the past 24 years I have in one way or the other had something going on dealing with bikes. Working in bike shops, doing shows, riding in the X-Games. Always something going on. Some of the best times I have had have come from running and managing some really cool bike shops. There is so many good memories that I wanted to share a few of them and call them "Tales from the workbench." Some may seem pretty random and out there, others, well if you don't like the words "Forged in U.S.A." or "chromium cadmium", they may just seem a little weird. So, time to get going.

Presta? Or Schrader? Did anyone really care? All I know is that I rode BMX and schrader vales must be better right? Ah, who knows? It is just a valve you use to put air in your tires right? I have multiply bikes, some have schrader valves, some have presta valves. Pumps now-a-days  have one head to fit both, so it really isn't a big deal. Just try not to end up at the gas station if you have a flat with a presta, unless you have one of those little adapters. don't think their pumps fit both stems. I didn't start this to rant about valve stems. Boring. Now, valve stem holes in rims. That is exciting!

We had a ton of customers at one of my shops in San Antonio that really preferred schrader valves. So we were happy to switch them over. I sure wasn't going to drill out those rims with a drill. Too much of a pain in the ass. We could never find our drill bits anyway. Then there was the reamer. My favorite tool in the shop. Best little thing ever. So good for opening up valve stem holes in rims. And of course it was always fun yelling at each other "hey, throw me the reamer." "Reamer? I'll ream 'ya." Yeah, we had a ton of those. Bunch of immature bike mechanics.


There has been one tool on my workbench that has come a long way with me. I think I might have picked it up in 1996. It has since gone on to visit many different shops and many a tool box. Ending up hanging, all right, most of the time laying on my workbench. The best little screwdriver ever. So good, someone once nick named it Flavor Flav. Fits all the little screw heads on derailleurs and brake set screws. Even good a repairing little toys for a three year old. Sure he is old and worn down. But I will keep him. He is my "Flavor Flav."

Flavor Flav

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Old news, still cool old news.

Dave might be a slacker, but he sure makes cool videos. Love 'ya Dave!

empire trailer 1 from trashfilm on Vimeo.

Another good commute.

It was a little chilly this morning. I think i was around 52 degrees when I left. Still had a good ride once I warmed up. Saw lots of stuff in the road from the storm that blew through last night. The streets were dry for the most part.

Decided to take it easier and not push too hard. Even stopped to look at some playgrounds for Jonas on San Pedro. Time was up, and the average speed was down. No worries, I was just cruising.

Avs.-12.8, Dst.-14.04, Odo.-568.3, Mx.-24.0, Tm.-1.05.31

The ride.

Zi8 still shot test.

Oh no!

Crap in the road.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bike Commute.

Another good ride this morning. Was thinking I might have caught some rain. Clear the whole way in. We had a little shower hit at work 20 minutes or so after I got there. Good timing.

I shot a few clips on the way in this morning to see how the Kodak Zi8 would do in low light. Surprising well. The shots are also some what stable. Not bad for a one handed 20 mph shot. There is one shot I took after climbing a big hill you can actually see my heat beat shaking the camera.

Here are the lines for the last two days.

Avs-14.3, Dst-14.3, Odo-550.5, Mx-25.5, Tm-0.59.29
Avs-11.0, Dis-3.70, Odo-554.2, Mx-24.0, Tm-0.20.13
Avs-13.8, Dis-13.8, Odo-155.9, Mx-25.5, Tm-0.59.10

Man, those Profile racing hubs have a good sound to them. So much better than that crazy noise those Chris King hubs make.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is it, 1980 again?

Well, I guess Ratt has a new album out. Metal bands making a come back. What? Are they running low on cash? Did Ratt really have a midget for a bass payer back in the day?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toughombes Intro/Joel Moody

Not sure if I have posted this here yet. Intro section and Joel Moody's section from Toughombres. Where the Hell has John T been?  

Monday, April 19, 2010

"Weeping Angels."

The Weeping Angels are back in Season 5. Two new clips. 

And the cool noise the TARDIS makes as it is rematerializing is the Doctor leaving the brake on. He must want a smooth landing. I recall The Master's TARDIS making the same noise.

It's Monday!

Time for some more magazine scans. And this one is a jump that sparked a ton of debate back in the day. The "Leary", The "Judge", our what ever it is you want to call it was such a cool jump. I guess no one knew who did it first, Harry Leary or Tim Judge. Ah, I didn't care back then, I called at "Judge" because I though Tim Judge was way cooler than Harry Leary.

Bicycle Motocross Action---July 1979.

And of course a few months later BMX Action, November 1979. Tim Judge not quite as clicked as Harry. Hey, I still wasn't going to call it a "Leary". All though, I probably did and just didn't care. I was too busy riding my silly bike.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Toy time.

Toy time.
Originally uploaded by e_koenning

Saturday morning rain. So that means fun in the garage. When we bought this truck for Jonas we thought is was just a truck and trailer. Then we noticed it took batteries. Coolest thing ever!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Kodak Zi8 test footage.

We have had a good amount of rain today, and I didn't have too many options to get out and shoot much footage with the Kodak Zi8 pocket camera. So I shot some test footage in the garage and threw the clips together using the provided Media Impression software. Easy to use, but would like to shoot some more and edit it out in Adobe Premiere. Clips are mostly stock, but some have a little color tweaking but not much. This little camera is pretty good. Kills the Flip version.

bike stuff from edward koenning on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesdays with Miles. Catfish edit.

Yes, it is Wednesday but I just now saw this. I don't get most of the trick in this web edit. Really cool stuff.

New Iron Man trailer and other stuff.....

Slow week so far. Found some new Iron Man footage. Pretty cool. Yes, it is from Japan.

And if anyone is looking I have a VX-2100 up for sale. VX-2100 Craigslist Add.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hardware Wars.

Such a funny Star Wars spoof. "Fluke Starbucker."

Victory of the Daleks preview.

This was posted up over on Who Tube. Looking forward to seeing the new episodes.

More Magazine Scans

BMX Plus September 1982. Lots of racing in this issue. Racing at the time was so big. I think I had made it out to one of our local tracks two or three times and I was hooked. Andy Patterson had the cover and a nice interview also in this issue. This was before he turned pro but was one of the top amateurs in the nation riding for Skyway. Does anyone know what frame he was riding in this issue? Would like to find out. This must have before Skyway had released the TA.

BMX Plus September 1982 download link.

Andy Patterson on the cover. Botemma forks where the rage back then. 

Two things I find really interesting about these two pages. Bridgestone used to sell BMX bikes. And Andy was always a stylish jumper.

Such a rad photo. Perfect timing. Number 4 is not looking to happy at this moment.And that is actually Eric Rupe who I think is still racing mountain bikes.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doctor Who--The Five Doctors.

There are quite a few people who didn't enjoy this episode. Sure it might have been really hard to fit that many people into one short episode. They did a pretty good job. 

Friday, April 09, 2010

Follow Friday

It is Friday again and time for some Follow Friday love. And also time for a little skin. More on that later.  Here is a quick 10 for you.

Friday Random Five.

Today is a random play kind of day. Here is a random five list.  
  1. Clutch--Spacegrass
  2. Pantera--Regular People
  3. Deftones--Elite
  4. The Dillinger Escape Plan--When Acting As A Wave
  5.  Dinosaur Jr.--Little Furry Things

Thursday, April 08, 2010

My next car.

I would sport one of these. Of course they would want to pass a helmet law for it.

500 Miles.

BMX Moivie Database Just uploaded 500 Miles. Somewhere in my garage I still have the headset lock that I was using on that Standard I was riding. That was a good time always having to tighten your headset.

The Beast Below clips.

A few new clips from the second episode of Doctor Who. The Beast Below. 

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Doctor Who night.

Watching some old episodes of Doctor Who tonight. Starting with a William Hartnell episode. The War Machines. This is actually a really good episode from the first Doctor's run. With an out of control computer named WOTAN that seems to be 10 years ahead of it's time and has the ability to control people's minds. WOTAN creates The War Machines to take over London and then the World. Sure The War Machines are big and kind of goofy, but that is what makes these old 60's episodes so good. A must watch for sure.

This is pure awesomeness.

When I was searching for a John Montoya video and this came up. I am pretty sure John could take The Six Fingered Man. 

I really should have gotten him to say that while we were filming. Would have been so good hearing that while he was sliding a rail. He would have been game. He is also quite nimble with a sword. Not bad for a Free Mason.

And of course you know everything gets better in the Lucas World.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Magazine Monday

Gotta' say, I really like the site So many good scans of old magazines there. Always good to look at some of these older photos and articles that helped shape our little BMX world into what it is today. And of course it is also good to see some of the more fruitier things that came out of BMX from these times. What we need now-a-days is more three way jumps over cheesy bands with full crotch shots. And of course more robots. We could always use more robots. Aaron Ross would be stoked. 

Super BMX  February 1984. I wonder if The King of the Skateparks thought this was a good idea? The guys in the band looked happy to be there. "Hey guys, we have a big photo shoot today. Make sure and wear your tightest shorts."

How much cool stuff could they cram into one issue of Super BMX? As much as they wanted to apparently. I would have been more stoked to win the robot. Mongoose always seem to have some kind of weird promotion in this magazine. I recall something with CHiPs from around the same time. Larry Wilcox was big into BMX back then.

Dyno add from Freestylin' January 1986. I wasn't to picky when I was a kid so noticing little things in ads was never my thing. One would hope that the companies would work with the ad agencies and make sure they got some kind of accurate ad out for their product. Who would want to buy a fork with no threads on the steerer tube? Where did the rest of the steer tube go?  And does Bob Morales really think we would believe him that he rode into that trick? Come on Bob. Front brake down? Bars behind seat? Beyond Basics is what they missed.  Who cares though? I want that green Dyno Compe frame.

Freestylin' July 1985. I think at one point it was mandatory to have the "Camarillo" style roll in on your ramp. I recall at least 6 ramps in San Antonio that had one of these on it. Love the black and white shot of this ramp. Many a days was spent in someone's backyard fooling around on one of these ramps. good times. 

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ramp add on.

We have a ways to go to getting this ramp fully finished. But just to add a little to it today I took the old slant wall frame from the old set up, ramp was a free-be from San Marcos. Thanks James. But it was in need of a ton of work. As was this slant wall. I re-framed it and squared it up best I could. Even re-used most of the old wood and screws. Just needs a new coat of paint, but that is for another day. This thing is so much fun to ride.

Thanks to Monique for taking the photos for me.