Friday, July 30, 2010

From the Archives.

Steve Swope clicking a turndown at the Austin AFA contest. John Kerr taking a photo on the deck with Leo Chin waiting to ride. 

Head over and take a look at Steve's Blog. And have a look a his interview over at Least Most.

Flatland is hard.

I really don't understand flatland anymore. But it sure is fun to watch. Saw this posted up over at Bike Guide earlier. Very cool video.

Go over and check out iriez's You Tube channel for more videos.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Tracks.

Ran across some fan made edits for a few of the Fantomas tracks from "The Director's Cut". The Omen and The Godfather are two of the better edits I found.

This fan made stop motion video for "Page 3" off of their first album.

Contest Winners.

 First off, a bug shout of thanks to Empire BMX and Mutiny BMX for their help on our little contest.

I need these people who left comments on this post to send me over an e-mail so I get get your vitals to get you some free stuff.

Adam Ortiz
Steve Martinez
Jay Brand

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brent Patterson--Hurdle Racer

Kim Boyle had posted this picture over on his Blog. Another classic shot of Brent Patterson. This makes me even more bummed that I could barely get over hurdles when I ran track.

The Black Rider

I have watched this a few times and still not sure what to think. I am really stoked about the Rambo style exit from the water though. A bit of fresh air from the everyday web edits we have been seeing I guess.

Derek Nelson Welcome to Tree Flow! from Tree Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A dollar will do.

Had a flat a while back, bad enough that it blew a hole in the sidewall of my tire. I know my tires are getting a little up there in mileage but at that point it was just a matter of getting home. Patched the whole in the tube and managed to shove a dollar bill between it and the inside of the tire where the hole was. Good enough to get me home. Hell! I have gotten another 200 miles out of this set up. And yes, I am ordering more tires today.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bicycle Motocross Action--October 1979

Tim Judge on the cover of Bicycle Motocross Action. The "on the cover" description read "doing the one-footer that he made famous...or made him famous, one or the other." Not sure about all of that, I was always under the impression it was more for the "Leary" he had done. Either way, there must be a reason for Tim Judge to have gotten so much coverage in his time. He is a ruler for sure.

I actually started to post this for that sick picture of Bob Haro airing the crap out of that 26" beach cruiser. Then the more I looked at the Webco add on the other page, the more I liked it. Clean, simple and to the point.

A gooseneck shootout was a common thing back in these days. Cool to see the changing styles and the evolution of the stem design. And of course there is Schwinn bringing up the rear and sticking with the single clamp design. And not to forget the clean look of those Tuff Neck stems. No wonder they were so popular. And I am not going to touch that Speedo fork ad. Too easy.

Some big time pros line up in the starting gate at the ABA Summer Nationals in Amarillo. I think the ABA needs to make the one-footed gate start a rule. That would go over real well with the racers.

Nice to look at some of the really old flat tracks these guys used to race on. Looking at that crash picture will Greg Hill taking the digger, it looks like they are racing in a gravel pit. Man I bet those were fun times.

Say what you will about BMX from this time period. A sport once trying to be so much like motocross, with the uniforms, the racing battles, and all the hype. It still just boiled down to riding a silly little kids bike on a track and having fun. Thanks to all of these guys for laying the ground work for what we have now.

Rap-Metal Hall of Shame

Derek Adams has a really cool article over at Least Most listing the top ten worst Rap/Metal bands ever. I could not make it through all ten See if you can.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Almighty Sarlacc

So this is what the inside of one of these things looks like. And are they actually saying that Boba Fett did escape from the inside? I hope so. I would hate to be taken out by some blind guy and a tied up Wookie.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Smokey and The Bandit

Here is hoping that this never gets remade.

Bicycle Motocross Action January 1981

Read more about this issue.

BMX Action October 1987

Matt Hoffman on the cover of this issue. Vision Street Wear half pipe contest and GPV contest in Palm Springs. Classic Hoffman style from before he turned pro.

Oh, the times of GPV. Gravity Powered Vehicles with all of their add on wind deflectors, bug shields and other little do-dads. This didn't seem to catch on very well, but I shouldn't say that. I still enjoy bombing down big hills on my bike. Just not in that position.

While overall, the content of this issue was a bit on the thin side. The coverage from the vert contest in Palm Springs pretty much made up for it. Josh White doing a can-can look back.

That shot of Matt Hoffman doing that switch hander is so good. Made my want to learn that air so bad. To bad that I sucked at vert.

Josh White was killing it a this contest. He always had the best variations, and that no footed x-up was one of them. He was always one of the smoothest in the Pro class.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2-Hip Trick Team

I sat in front of our TV the day this came out and could hardly wait for it to air. It was over way too fast and of course I didn't tape it. 

Thanks to Maurice Meyer for uploading this.

Martin Aparijo

J.T. over at Vintage BMX had posted up some links to some old footage of Martin Aparijo riding in a GT show. Good to see some Martin footage, there is not a lot of it out there.

Our good friend Krt Schmidt has some contest footage of Martin up over on his blog

And here are a few more links of some really good old school footage.


Thanks to J.T. and Krt for the links.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Doctor Who and The Daleks

Doctor Who and The Daleks (1965) was the first of two feature films made in the 1960's. The film features Peter Cushing as Dr Who and is loosely based on the TV episode The Daleks with William Hartnell.

I can't say I am a big fan of this feature film. Some of the sequences are down right silly. It was the 60's, what would you expect. But I have to disagree with some of the comments left on the Hulu site. It wasn't all too painful to watch, and I was able to make it through more than five minutes of it. Cushing's take if the Doctor is very much different than Harnell's and the story has been tweaked just enough from the television version to make is a pretty decent watch for any Doctor Who fan. 

And what on Earth could The Daleks be using lava lamps for? Groovy,  man. 

Hump Day Shnanigians.

HA! No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Saw this video clip over at BMX Board. So smooth. Superman seat grab to disaster was epic.

Pete Radivo Warehouse Edit. from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

One of the more amazing songs from KISS that you never really hear anymore. Love this old footage of these guys. The funny thing about this clip is when Paul says the name of the song he steps away from the mic too fast. You just hear "PARROT".

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Picture of the day.

My office door sees a lot of action during the day. So much so the lock inside the handle has given up and is trying to get away.

"Hey, you want to make fourteen dollars the hard way?"  Now I kinda understand what Al meant by not being a doorknob.

Monday, July 12, 2010

BMX Action August 1982

Eddy Fiola on what was another of my all time favorite covers ever. Torker twin top tubes, Uni seat, gold Shimano DX pedals, graphite Tuff Wheels, all will be taking a back seat to Woody Itson looking cool in the background with his lady friend. Such a good picture in so many ways.

All right, I am not going to post a bunch of these pictures just to poke fun at everything in the background of them. So many of Bob Osborn's pictures have to be looked at in a whole. Not just the riding. What was captured is sometimes simple stunning. The surroundings, the people, the locations, all were a part of the photo as much as the bike riding. This shot from a NBL War of The Stars race is a prime example. So much in this photo stands out as being a part of racing from this time frame. Love it.

Fred Becker leaning out over the Cloverleaf bowl and Eddie Fiola doing a hip hanger. A while back I had posted something from this article. So many good pictures from this contest.

TRUST YOUR MONKEY! Sidehacks in the skatepark. So rad to see. Two note worthy guys the these, shots. Some flatlander named Martin Aparijo doing a front tire grad. And a 13 year old Mike Dominquz. Where have I heard that name before?

Scott Clark jumping the triple whoops. I don't know what it is about this spread. The fact that the jumps look like a blind person may have built them. Or the way Scott Clark looks like he has been packing on a few pounds.

Like many other kids who rode bikes around this time wanted to build my own ramp. When I finally got around to getting my mom and pops to give me the blessing, I should pops these ramp plans to what I wanted to build. After he was done laughing, he came up with something a little less bumpy. We built a wedge ramp. HA!   I wonder how many people had built a quarter like this? We had one in or neighborhood that was fun to ride but hitting that 10" of vert at the top took some getting use to.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

From the archive. John Montoya.

While organizing some slides and old disc, I found this sequence of John Montoya I shot. One of my favorites from a few years back.

Also found this little gem. Love this shot of John.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

NAHBS for 2011.

A while back I posted something about the NAHBS  (North American Hand Made Bike Show) that happened in February. Well it turns out that the guys at Least Most have a really cool post showing a bunch of cool photos from the show. Go over there and check it out. I really like this 24" cruiser that Kish Bikes built. That is a Ti frame under that orange paint.

The show will be held next year in Austin. Glad to have spotted this today. February 25-27, 2011. Here is their link. Looks like they are updating at the moment. Still some good info for now.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

BMX Movie Night

Springfield Punx does Doctor Who

Head over to the Springfield Punx website to see a bunch of these really cool Simpsons style Doctor Who drawings.


Doctor Who Fifth Season in Two Minutes

The whole fifth season of Doctor Who in two minutes. Spotted this on You Tube today. Warning, there may be spoilers for some American viewers of the show.

MC 900 Foot Jesus

Another great Spike Jones directed video. This version sounds a little crackly. I will try and find a better version later. 

And of course that song leads to this. One of the best moments Beavis ever had.

Monday, July 05, 2010

BMX Action January 1986

Had to take a second look at this cover when it first came out. Yep, RL and Eddy are riding 24" cruisers on the Wizard Pubs halfpipe. Looks like Fiola might have liked riding the cruiser a little more than RL. He has him by at least 3 feet. He was the King of the Skateparks, he should have alley oped over RL.
This is a great shot of the pro class at the NBL Grands will Greg Hill out in the lead. I wonder what the heck happened? He just needed to make the main to have the number one spot wrapped up. Turns out he didn't and Pete Loncarevich took the top spot that year. Aaron Ross needs to see that set up Greg Hill is riding. He would be stoked on the color set up.

There are so many rad things about this picture of RL blasting a berm slide. Although the thing that stands out the most is the set up he came up with to hold his "Walkman". Someone needs to one this set up with their I-Pod.

Had to post this just because of how rad that air Fiola is doing. Text book perfect table on a 24" cruiser.

About this time was when RAD the movie was going to be released. This issue had some really cool coverage of the making of the movie. If I remember correctly RAD was up for Best Picture that year at the Oscars right? Take a look for yourself. RAD in HD.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Life and times on a BMX bike.

Well, to celebrate a good first three months of starting this Blog back up, we have decided to have a little give away. With the help of Empire BMX and Mutiny Bikes we will be choosing 10 random people from the comments on this post and will be sending out care boxes to each of them. So get ready to post something in the comments and see if you can get some goodies. 

I am not sure if this was the original trailer for Homeless III "Highway To Hell", but it is the the opening title sequence for sure. The slap at the intro was not in the original intro so that is what makes me think that this might have been a trailer. I remember that slap being in the crash section. Here is to hoping David Parrick has made some good progress on getting that "Homeless" box set ready.

Homeless III intro from edward koenning on Vimeo.

It looks like every rider in south Texas at that time were riding some sort of Haro bike. I think we kept that company afloat for a few extra years. Those frames used to crack so much, it is a surprise that we just didn't give up on them. Oh, wait. We kinda did. Thanks James and Ruben. Homeless Bikes might have been short lived but I will never forget that moment in time. Neither should you.

UPDATE!  Added a few more sections.

Lee Sultemeier

Lee Sultemeier from edward koenning on Vimeo.

Dave Parrick

Dave Parrick from edward koenning on Vimeo.

Ruben Castillo

Friends Section. Stupid You Tube. Will load it to Vimeo later.

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris from edward koenning on Vimeo.

James Shepherd. And the credit section.

James Shepherd from edward koenning on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Texas AFA

Sometime this morning we got to talking about the Texas AFA. Someone on Twitter sent me over a link to this video. See if you can name off the people in that car. Joel Alamo riding to NWA's Dope Man is sick!

And wouldn't you know it. The devil makes you crash. Classic.

Homeless Bikes Blog

There hasn't been anything new posted there in awhile, but there are a bunch of good scans of ads and bike checks over at the Homeless Bike Blog. Worth a look at just for some of the great ads.

Lee Sultimier Homeless Trash section. One of the best video sections ever.  Bummed they removed the audio track.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Just call me Honey Badger.

This thing is so tough. The battle with the snake at the end is crazy. I thought for sure the badger was done for. What a badass!

Thursday rain day.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It is raining today and I have a ton of stuff to get done. There must be something in this rain, because I am seeing some weird stuff today. Lord help me. 

Thanks to the kooks on BMX Board for posting these. One thing in BMX that I do like is the new T1's. They are looking mighty fine. Visit the Terrible One site to see more.