Monday, August 30, 2010

BMX Plus January 1983

Eric Rupe on the January 1983 cover of BMX Plus laying out some classic style. This months issue brought to you by No Fear, New Gear, and New Year.

The ABA Lancaster race was the last National of the year that year and there was plenty of action. BMX Plus did a great job covering it, with some really good photos from the race.

The ABA needs to bring back their "special sideshow jumping contest." Wedge ramp and all, that would be sick. I think the only other place doing that is the 9th Street Halloween jams.

The big surprise at this was was Greg Hill entering the cruiser class and winning. You have to read the four reasons Hill gave for entering. The BMX Action one is the best. Lower left has Texas boy Eddie Siegmond getting coverage and the classic style of John Crews.

Great layout to start the skatepark coverage in this issue. Look in this crowd and you can spot some pretty heavy hitters in the skatepark world.

The BMX Plus photographers were really doing a great job around these years. So many issue had great photos. Dean Bradley, James Cassimus, and John Ker really captured some special moments from this time period.

Ten Doctors puzzle.

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Lazy Sunday

Went and rode downtown for a little while on Sunday. Managed to session one spot for a couple of hours. Made a little self filmed edit with the Kodak Zi8. Some of the clips turned out pretty good. Not bad for an old man.

Lazy Sunday Edit from edward koenning on Vimeo.

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Summer Slam 6

Every year in August is an event called Summer Slam. Old School collectors, riders and just a bunch of friends get together and have a good time. I am going nest year for sure.

Summer Slam 6 Oldschool BMX Event 2010 from Haro82 on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

More bike commute.

Friday and Saturday I managed to get in a few more rides on the cruiser. Three total for 41 miles. The morning rides are nice but that afternoon ride was a little on the hot side. Had plenty of water before and during the ride though so I felt pretty good. This week I am going to try and get in three days of commuting. If I hold up.

BMX Plus November 1983

I can still recall finding this issue in our local grocery store and being blown away. BMX Plus had a way with trying to make their covers so over the top. And they managed a good one this time. David Ruz getting his hop on while his buddy puts his family jewels at risk. Great cover, great issue.

Always did dig the Rad Gallery's in Plus. This issue was a VS. issue featuring "Dangerous Dave Gianunzio against Flying Fiola." I wonder who won? Eh, who cares. That rear tire grab photo is awesome.

Fiola and Gianunzio clocking air in the Rad Gallery.

Procraft Ultima 2400 bike test with MartiN Aparijo manning the ship. Somewhere during this bike test is where I was introduced to the I-Hop.

Good to see ESPN has had their hands embedded in BMX for so long. That shot of Richie Anderson and Bubba Hayes is just so "BMX". Fast and stylish, those guys ruled. Also have to give props to two top Pros running front brakes. I had one of my old bikes set up just like John Piant's bike. Chrome, red and black work so good on a bike.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Super Troopers

I think tonight is going to be a Super Trooper night. Need to stop on the way home and get a liter of cola first. Love this movie. What is your favorite Super Trooper moment?

The Lumberjack

A while back I had posted something about RL racing the horse on That's Incredible. One of the comments on that post was that The Lumberjack (Gary Ellis) could have taken the horse. I would have to agree. I am not knocking Gary Ellis, not in a million years. He was one the the best racers ever. I am knocking Gt though. Really guys? Looking like that could double as a cover to a gay porn movie. S&M had some porn shot in their shop, maybe this was GT's attempt to dabble in that industry.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2-Hip KOV Minnesota

Another cool 2-HIP video from Haro82's Channel. Dominquez is so rad. That face knock in practice he took dropping in over the channel looked brutal.

Please visit Haro82's You Tube Channel.

Redline Cruiser Evolution.

I was just looking back a a few old photos of the cruiser. Other than the paint and a few minor part changes, it has not changes much. 

July 16, 2005

Last week.

For more cool cruiser pictures visit the Cruiser Revolution site.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From the archive -- Suicide No-Hander

A friend of mine Jimmy laid in the middle of the jump and shot this one night. Used to love that old chrome King frame. It is still floating around Austin somewhere.

Magazine Ads

Decided to post up a few adds from the issue of BMX Action in yesterday's post.There are some pretty good ones, and well, there are also some really bad ones that make you wonder if these add execs really could sleep at night. 

"There is no defense." It might have been the coolest frame made at the time. But I doubt kids cared at all. A bike built like that was way too overpriced given the low price of a Diamond Back. The snake beat the scorpion big time. And the thing about that killer Shimano add is that those parts could have been made out of gold given the going prices for some of those parts these days. Crazy collectors.

Some smart ass at Mongoose thought this would be so clever. "230 ways to get goosed." Wonder how many sexual harassment suits they settled with that guys secretary?

Just when I thought Mongoose went and blew it with that last add, they go and do this. Killer picture with an otherwise lame white bar of warning. Looks like a Surgeon General's warning for a pack of smokes. This is still a pretty kick ass add.

Did SR hide enough of the Falcon to keep under Lucas Art's radar? Did George even know about this little rag called BMX Action? Doubt it. And when RL's dad was running the thing, of course no one told him to sit on it. If they did, there would be no add space for you.