Thursday, June 30, 2011

BMX Action -- November 1983

And another kick ass cover from BMX Action. Like seeing freestyle taking a cover shot considering how heavy this issue is with race coverage. And even that is fine by me, I like the fact that this is also a cruiser heavy issue.

Great coverage form the NBL War Of The Stars race in Conroe, Texas. The picture of Rob Fehd flying over a set of doubles is such a nice shot. This also happens to be the track that the McDonalds BMX commercial was filmed at.

Scott Clark leading the Pro cruiser class. Nice to see so much 24" race coverage. Pretty surprising to see the Gatorade sports bottle getting a nod though. I am guess sports bottles weren't the rage yet. Wait. Were they ever the rage?

There is one thing that is a guaranty with these older issues of BMX Action, Mike Buff would have some kind of stylish shot. And this opening spread to the CW racing 24" Pro Racer is another fine example of that. Airing it out over the Trick Team quarter pipe.

BMX Bandits
Etnies Men's Number MID Skate Shoe,Grey/Lime/White,8 M US
Doctor Who: Inferno (Story 54)

Reverse The Polarity

So it seems that this has become the catchphrase that is most associated with the Third Doctor's era. And the phrase "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow" only showed up twice, once in The Sea Devils, and then in The Five Doctors.

Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (Story 130)
The Five Doctors (Doctor Who #81)
Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons (Story 55)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jon Pertwee -- SPLINK

Yeah, they could have come up with something a little easier to remember while trying to cross a street. I did notice in the comments that it was eventually changes to this. Much better!

Choose a safe place to stand.
Observe the traffic
Carefully walk across the road
Keep safe


Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons (Story 55)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jon Pertwee Week

And this week is Jon Pertwee week over on the BBC Doctor Who Facebook page. Pertwee is still one of my favorite Doctors, having caught Inferno on PBS whEN I was 12 or 13 years old. I was so hooked on Doctor Who. Glad to see a bunch of his stories coming to DVD. Here is a look at his intro.

Doctor Who Third Doctor Action Figure Set of 4