Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thumbs and Samantha Fox

We were taking about Megan Fox's thumbs and came across a few gems here.

The Lone Gunman.

Well I'm sitting here watching the pilot episode of The Lone Gunman. I used to get a kick out of this show. These three guys were such bumbling nerds, but had a way about them that made the show very entertaining.

I have read quite a few things online about this episode and its release six months and one week before the 9-11 plane crashes and how it foretold the crash into the towers. Based on over riding the controls on a plane from a laptop and government involvement due to the end of the cold war.

All things considered, this was a really good show that may have meet it's end too soon. If anyone has a chance to get the box set do it. It is worth the watch, not just for the pilot episode, but also the "Jump The Shark" final episode. Very cool.