Monday, January 31, 2011

BMX Action -- September 1982 -- Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the BMX Action September 1982 post. With Toby Henderson riding a chrome Hutch cruiser you know the article will get a lot of attention. I am sure those bikes are worth a ton of loot these days. And was it a prerequisite for everyone in BMX back then to own a 4X4 Toyota? Lifted of course.

Buff and Henderson doing double "Hendersons" for the hutch test. I like how it says that Buff took the test bike to the ABA Springnationals and made the main, but fluffed his start in the main. So Rad.

I think I might have posted this before about how popular these Diamond Back Turbo bikes were when I was growing up? Anyone else remember them being so popular? I was never too impressed by them. I was more of a chrome GT kinda kid anyway.

Harry Leary and RL Osbourn air over Long Tall Len and Diamond Back Team Manager Sandy Finkleman. What the Hell? Did harry hit the sweet spot on that jump? Or was RL just taking it easy?

Buff doing the ramp endo on the BMX Action Trick Team kickturn ramp. It was always amazing that Buff and RL could make the simplest of tricks look so cool. And Buff always had the best bikes set ups. The white PK Ripper with red parts is one of my favorites.

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BMX Action -- September 1982 -- Part 1

Another Monday, and another magazine throwback. This issue had so much good content in it, that I will be doing this post in two parts. Hell, I might make it three. We will see. And there you have the rad cover of Toby Henderson shredding on his Hutch 24".

Murray sponsored the Knoxville race and dropped an impressive(for 1982) 18 grand in prize money on the Pros. Still, it seemed the World's Fair that was going on at the same time kept quite a few people from attending the race.

Great shots of Stu Thompson and Bubba Hayes. And you know when it rains at a Murray sponsored race and you have to remove a layer of mud from the track, they are going to have Murray lawnmowers there to help out. GO BRIGGS AND STRATTON!

RL and Buff performing their first show at the Knoxville race. Rad seeing those guys blast off the back of their kick turn ramp. I was always a little afraid to do that when I was younger and opted out by flying off the side of the ramp.

Jeff Bottema blasting his cruiser out of one of the many cool test places. This guy is a true legend of BMX and will be known for more than just his forks. Love that little bit about him almost stepping on a rattlesnake. Scare the crap out of anyone. 

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Blogs of Interest.

Coming in this week as one of my most viewed sites is the Demolition Site. These fools are getting close to finishing their next video and it is going to be sick. Constant updates on their site about what is going on with filming makes it a must visit.

The Blog is something I stumbled onto over on the Vintage BMX site. It is Steve Shope's Blog and it has a lot of cool BMX history and items about frame building. Go and check it out. is another great site with a bunch of bike history and cool daily happenings from a Bike Shop in California. Dig that old Steve Potts CCR they rebuilt.

Mutiny Bikes Israel Edit

This is so well done. Robbo's crash is pretty crazy. He really got lucky it wasn't worse. 

Israel from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

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Jack Smith--Airwalk Advertisement

Local San Antonio boy Jack Smith done good. Getting a killer Airwalk ad that was shot by Sin. 

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NAHBS 2011 -- North American Handmade Bicycle Show

Just around the corner is this years NAHBS. February 25-27 located in Austin, Texas so mark your calenders now.

The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles: Craftsmanship, Elegance, and Function
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Super BMX -- February 1982

Not a lot of history with me and Super BMX. I used to ride something like 8 miles to our local Lone Star Ice House to play Galaga and read magazines in the summer. This was about all they carried in the way of BMX magazines and I always remember being somewhat turned off by these. Never seemed to have the best content, with the exception of a good photo here and there. This issue isn't much different. Not very good at all, but had some good San Antonio race coverage in it.

With a title like Silverdome Colossus you might expect a little better coverage. But that was not the case, soft black and white photos, poor out of focus color photos, eh, left me wanting more.

This is way before my time in BMX racing. Does anyone remember this race? Did anyone actually make it to the race to watch of even compete? Would like some feed back on it.

One nice thing I did like about a few of these issues was their race coverage of racers other than experts and Pros. Good to see some of the local boys getting coverage back then.

That team picture of the Lighting Express Team brings to mind a sponsorship deal something along the lines of Chico's Bail Bonds from The Bad News Bears. Are there any teams these days that have sponsors that are not bike related? Just wondering.

One really good thing about this issue is the article where they pay a visit to the Huffy factory in Ohio. Really neat seeing how these lower end bikes were being put together, something like two million bikes a year. Wondered what year they decided to out source everything to China?

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Goodies Showed Up This Week

Thanks to @theheightsla and @leastmost for all the cool stuff.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Toughhombres Crash Section

From The Archive

Kenny Hale at the old McCullough Road Post Office in San Antonio.

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Magazine Throwback Update

Some computer issues have left today's old school magazine post locked in limbo. Hopefully going to get it posted tomorrow. Until then, here is a kick ass picture of Bob Haro doing a kick turn.

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Tractor Time

Wishing I was at home right now.
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