Friday, October 28, 2011

Bicycle Motocross Action--June 1978

1978 was way before my time in BMX, but there is one name that keeps popping up over all those years, Stu Thompson. NBA #1, wow, they guy had a long run as a BMX pro.

Stu interview. Cool to see him riding SE. I was so used to seeing him in Redline or Huffy colors.

Wonder if he landed that one handed one footed x-up? And is that where the "Super Pros" got their start?

Sometime this morning on Twitter I posted a link to this photo. Stoked when I downloaded this issue and found that Tinker had the spread in it. Guy is an amazing bike rider.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Freestylin' -- January 1988 Part 2--Gary Pollak--Lookback

Had to make sure to post the picture of Gary Pollac with a mean lookback from the January 1988 issue of Freesylin'. Photo by Bob Stukey.

San Antonio Rain Days

We had a nice bit of rain over the weekend, and as soon as it cleared up on Sunday we made our way out to play around in the puddles. Good times.

Dino DeLuca--AFA Huntington Beach 1985

View more old school videos at JefcoFreestyle YouTube Page

Freestylin' -- January 1988

Josh White with another amazing cover shot. These tour issues were always a fun look into some of the different team tours. Nice seeing some of the goings on with the riders.

Great opening shot of the Tour 1987 article. I used to love those CW tires. We used to poach them off all the CW bikes that were in the the bike shop I worked at.

Dino DeLuca airing over an alley-ooping Dave Voelker. Cutting it a little close on that one. Wonder how many times these guys hit? The Air over 540 at the Haro shows were always the best.

JT Racing -- Bone To Be Wild

Working on a post for the January 1988 issue of Freestylin' and I just couldn't figure how JT Racing thought this could be a good idea.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Bike Busy Weekend

Seems to be a busy weekend of bike related things to do. Here are a few things to check out.

Frankenbike Swap Meet is Saturday 10-8-2011 at the Korova, 10am -4pm.

Also Saturday in San Marcos is the Texas Flatland Round Up VII. Special guest include Wu-Tang and The Killer Bees will be performed.


One of my favorite parts from Total Recall.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Good 'ol Comp III

The old Comp II has been with me for a long time. It was getting a bunch of attention at the trails the other day. Find one and get it. Install on front wheel and enjoy. 2.125 tan for life!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Great Bikes Over At Vintage BMX

Spotted these over on Vintage BMX. MarcMc posted these up the other day. View the rest of the post here.

BMX Action--March 1984 Part Four--Mongoose Pro Class Ad

Was watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure the other night and was trying to post a clip of Pat Romano. Have yet to find a clip from the movie to post. Here is his Mongoose Pro Class ad from the March 1984 issue of BMX Action.

BMX Action--March 1984 Part Three

Dave Cullinan letting a "Judge" fly in this edition of Hot Shots from the March 1984 issue of BMX Action.

RIP Aurra the Wiener Dog

Last year we lost our little Aurra. Miss you girl. Oh little wiener dog, you are missed. We will not forget you!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Blast From The Past--Bacon Explosion!

Looking like I will be making some more of these soon!

A Fun Day In Austin

Spent most of the day up in Austin this past Saturday. Spent most of my time riding the trails at 9th Street and finally getting a tour of Empire BMX. I was pretty much in awe all day long and managed to only shoot one photo of Smokin' Steve Tyler's kick ass Bontrager build. His collect is amazing and so is the new Empire location. All in all a great day spent riding and hanging out with friends. And to top it of I ran into the legend himself Lee Sultemeier.