Freestyle Pros of 1983

After having really good response from the BMX Action post on Monday, I decided to upload a little more of it's contents. Seeing as it is such a good issue, I might as well get some the the freestyle guys covered.

Somewhere in Joe Kid on a Sting Ray Gork was talking about how the Haro team was the business guys, and BMX Action were the preps, and MF were the working guys. I think I liked the BMX Action team better as the surfer dudes. Nice tie Bob.

Eddie Fiola and Bob Morales. I always wanted one of those MF team jerseys. I still to this day think about that awesome cover shot of Fiola riding the Vans half pipe. So rad!

Pat Romano and Mike Buff. Fixed gear dorks take note. It has been around for ever. And what do you know? Buff jumping over a car. No big surprise there. Buff rules.

RL Osborn and Bob Haro. They would put the formed team mates right next to each other. These guys were smooth.

And last but not least, Ron Wilton. I guess this is the point where that kick turn became known as the Wilton.

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