Freestylin' -- December 1988

One of the more memorable covers from the 1988 era of Freestylin'. Has to be one of the better issues also. Such great tour coverage and way too much talk about hair extensions. I wonder how many yahoos went out and got extensions after seeing RL with them? Great shot of Martin by Bob Stukey.

Mr. Moliterno with a perfect look back on the table on contents page. Freestylin' seemed to be picking up a bunch of skate companies for advertisers. I didn't really care. I thought some of the coverage they did was pretty cool and for the most part I enjoyed skating. I just couldn't skate. "Does this sore look infected?" Not sure Santa Cruz. But your ad sure does.

Another RL interview. Things were definitely changing. And old El Cid was right in the middle of it all. This was about the time of Hammer(not the MC), and crazy shin pad/knee pad combos. I think every rider at one time had a set of those pads. I know I had a couple of sets. I wonder if they are they still around today?

Lots of good tour coverage in this issue. That picture of John Peterson riding those quarter walls is so amazing. I wanted to search those things out and and ride them for days. Heard they were a big time bust though. And what can I say about Craig Campbell? That guy is amazing. So much control on vert. Always fun to watch him ride. Skyway had quite the team at the time.

And you know Skyway had to bring along a portable wall for Eddie Roman to ride. Here Craig Campbell takes a ride on it while some other guys spin around on the ground. I think they go by the name Plywood Hoods. I think they are pretty good or something. Kevin Jones is a God among men.

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