BMX Action--March 1983

Another great Bob Osborn shot cover of BMX Action. Eddy King was always a fast racer and I seem to recall quite a few photos of him blasting some really good air off some jumps down in San Diego. A great racer and legend from this era.

The Oklahoma ABA Grands have always been a large spectacle of kids, BMX, parents, dirt, and just plan craziness. Look at the size of that crowd, I don't think these races have ever had a bad turn out.

Brian Patterson absolutely destroyed the competition at this race. He also claimed the number one title in the ABA that year. Good turn out for the Patterson boys. Brent picked up the NBL #1 in the cruiser class that year also.

That turn they had the pros do after the finish line must have been something to see. I wonder how many were sliding out trying to get to that roller into the next section? Bet it made for some good racing.

Eddy King blasting at his local trials. I think everyone at my school wanted a Diamond Back at the time. The black chrome frames were so nice. I think there is a picture of someone jumping of the Res tracks in New Braunfels on one. Wish I had a copy of that.

Oh those Mongoose Pro Class rims. What are those worth these days? Doing better than gold right? And what was with the BMX Action wrecking crew jumping over their trucks? I bet it was a contest to see who could get their truck in the magazine the most. Buff and RL destroyed a bunch of bikes like that.

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