BMX Plus---August 1984

BMX Plus always had a way of cramming as much as they could onto their covers. Also, their use of the color spectrum has always been over the top. But there is no beating those grabbing cover tag lines like "Kuwahara's World Champ Laser: Can it Zap You To The Top?" Classic Plus.

There is just something that is so perfect about that chrome Kuwahara Laser Lite. The set up that Gary Ellis is running in that shot are the perfect combination of chrome and gold. Great set up. And when did Kuwahara change it from the "Lazer" to the "Laser"?

I remember walking something like 6 miles after middle school to our local bike shop and being absolutely blown away by one of these Quadangles. Such an awesome frame and one of the all time classics.

The race coverage was always something that seemed to be a little lacking in some of the issues of Plus. Not sure why, but they seemed to prefer more of the smaller black and white shots over the full page color shots. But every once and a while they would have some really great full page photos. Like this shot of Steve Veltman holding a tight inside line at the Lumberjack Nationals.

This seemed to be more in tuned with how they laid out their race coverage. Still some great photography though. And look at that shot of Patterson racer Cody Smart  checking to see how close he is to that tire.

When this issue showed up in our mail box I did the same thing that I always did. Ran inside and read it over end to end. And after seeing this picture of Woody Itson sitting on his handle bars like that I ran out and tried to figure out how to do it. My neighbors must have thought I was crazy. I might have been, but I don't think I ever figured out how to do that trick. 

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