Riding in my hood.

Took a quick(long) ride last night to get my Night Rider battery pack to lose charge. Trying to improve the memory of that thing, but I think it might be a lost cause. As long as I still get two days worth off of one charge, I will be happy. Here are few pictures from last night. 

My bike found it's self lost in a field for a little bit as I looked for a Geocache about a mile from our house.

Easy find. Thank goodness someone had just mowed the field that this was located in. I would not have even tried to go after it. Snakes scare me.

Rode over to Ed Clark's Christmas house to see if the lights were on. It was a no go. Hopefully soon he gets it lit back up. Apparently there is supposed to be a geocache there but I think it is long gone.

Need your car washed? Need gas? Need Gas? This little taco truck in the HEB parking lot off O'Conner and Nacogdoches has you cover. Man, whatever they were cooking, it sure smelled good. I need to try it out sometime.