BMX Plus February 1983.

Bob Haro this time on the cover of BMX Plus February 1983. This bike he is riding has to be one of the most copied builds for Old School BMX collectors of Haro bikes. I can see why, it was a cool set up for sure.

Test of the Champion 24" cruiser. very cool looking bike with that added cross brace between the top and down tubes. Just looked like a really large build compared to some other cruisers around this time. This is the write up that made me want to learn "Hanna's".

Nice shot of the cut away of that added tube. Nice to see they had them welded in and not just shoved in and tacked to the down tube. Very cool. Also a great shot of Martin Aparijo doing the visor buzzer version of the "Hanna".

Another jump I went out and learned after reading this test. For a "Flatlander" Martin was also a pretty good dirt jumper.

Rad Gallery with two berm slides! I have said it before, and will say it again. What BMX needs now-a-days are more berm shots. BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Update!!!! Forgot one scan. Had to come back and add it. Really cool shot of Steve Veltman going fast as usual, and of Brian Patterson. Big race for Patterson, he had a triple win here. Really impressive to just get a double, I think he even won the title that year also. I wonder if Steve knew that he and I were on the same team for awhile? I doubt it. I was just a kook on a freestyle bike.