BMX Action Novenber 1985

Dave Vanderspek on the cover of this issue. Curb Dog legend and inventor of the 'Vander Roll". Lots of cool history there. Check out Maurice Meyer's site for some really cool stuff about Dave and the Curb Dogs. And the infamous table top picture. So cool. RIP Dave.

The BMX Action Trick Team always had the biggest crowds at their shows. Here is RL Osborn doing a no-footer in Tennessee at the Murray World Cup Race.

I find this picture of Ron Wilton doing the one hand, one footer to be really cool in so many ways. It is such a cool air, especially considering he is doing it on that little six foot wide ramp they had. It is also funny to see some of those Pacific Brand bike parts on his bike. Did people actually use that stuff? The size of those rear standing platforms was ridiculous.

And of course we get the Fred Blood roller skating shot. There has been some rumors around that roller skating is making a come back in the cements parks. And I am sure Fred Blood will be there leading the way. That is just as bad a rollerblading.

Epic race coverage from Indiana. Ronnie Anderson out in the lead in this picture. This must have been in the main because Ronnie was wearing all white. Seems he wore all black in his motos, then switch over to all white in the mains. He had a three win race here which was pretty normal for him. The guy was crazy fast. Some even said a touch bit crazy, but I really don't know. just rumors.

Nice starting gate picture of Billy Griggs. This was back before he turned pro. The guys over at Fat BMX had a good write up on Billy's shop that he runs. Workshop Wednesday is what they call it. Go over there and check it out.

I wouldn't normally post up a picture of Tommy Brackens sliding out and race rusults, but these were too good to pass up. A Pro money was taken by mountain bike rider Jon Tomac. The guy was all over the place back then. I think he even rode the Tour De France. Also one of my favorite San Antonio racers ever and former Austin riding buddy of mine Marty Christman winning 11x over someone named Greg Romero. Whoever that is?