BMX Action January 1983

Anytime there was BMX Action Trick Team coverage I was pretty excited. When I first saw this cover I had no idea what to think. Just imagine a twelve year old leaning on the side of his house trying to get himself and his bike in this position. Pre-locking brake levers, I had some nice road rash from sliding down against our brink house. Never did learn these either. Damn Pat Romano and his fixed gears! It might also be up for debate that Buff and RL invented these as the magazine claims. I think that trick goes further back then that. I could be wrong though.

One of the coolest bikes from the time period. The SE Quadangle was such a freaky looking bike, might have been why it was so popular. Also one of the few bike to use Reynolds 531 tubing which was a popular road bike tubing set. Hell, I think it might still be used in road bikes. Also, what more can you say about that roof drop? Crazy wedge ramp off of the pool's solar heater. Turn down into to the pool before they were turn downs.

You would know that if there was a cool berm slide shot like this, I would post it. Buff with the slide, and of course Bob Osborn with the shot.

Uuuuuuummmmm.....yeah. Not to sure about this one. I wonder what is in that keg? And, check the pedals, like to have seen that landing.

John Piant with classic style. Who says knees have to be together. Do it how ever you want.

RL Osborn doing a Front Wheel 360 how to. I must have tried this trick a million times. Never really got it wired. Not at least until I started doing them on coping. But that is a different trick all together right?

If you want look at this entire magazine head over to this link for all of the BMX Action downloads.