Super BMX -- February 1982

Not a lot of history with me and Super BMX. I used to ride something like 8 miles to our local Lone Star Ice House to play Galaga and read magazines in the summer. This was about all they carried in the way of BMX magazines and I always remember being somewhat turned off by these. Never seemed to have the best content, with the exception of a good photo here and there. This issue isn't much different. Not very good at all, but had some good San Antonio race coverage in it.

With a title like Silverdome Colossus you might expect a little better coverage. But that was not the case, soft black and white photos, poor out of focus color photos, eh, left me wanting more.

This is way before my time in BMX racing. Does anyone remember this race? Did anyone actually make it to the race to watch of even compete? Would like some feed back on it.

One nice thing I did like about a few of these issues was their race coverage of racers other than experts and Pros. Good to see some of the local boys getting coverage back then.

That team picture of the Lighting Express Team brings to mind a sponsorship deal something along the lines of Chico's Bail Bonds from The Bad News Bears. Are there any teams these days that have sponsors that are not bike related? Just wondering.

One really good thing about this issue is the article where they pay a visit to the Huffy factory in Ohio. Really neat seeing how these lower end bikes were being put together, something like two million bikes a year. Wondered what year they decided to out source everything to China?

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