BMX Action -- September 1982 -- Part 1

Another Monday, and another magazine throwback. This issue had so much good content in it, that I will be doing this post in two parts. Hell, I might make it three. We will see. And there you have the rad cover of Toby Henderson shredding on his Hutch 24".

Murray sponsored the Knoxville race and dropped an impressive(for 1982) 18 grand in prize money on the Pros. Still, it seemed the World's Fair that was going on at the same time kept quite a few people from attending the race.

Great shots of Stu Thompson and Bubba Hayes. And you know when it rains at a Murray sponsored race and you have to remove a layer of mud from the track, they are going to have Murray lawnmowers there to help out. GO BRIGGS AND STRATTON!

RL and Buff performing their first show at the Knoxville race. Rad seeing those guys blast off the back of their kick turn ramp. I was always a little afraid to do that when I was younger and opted out by flying off the side of the ramp.

Jeff Bottema blasting his cruiser out of one of the many cool test places. This guy is a true legend of BMX and will be known for more than just his forks. Love that little bit about him almost stepping on a rattlesnake. Scare the crap out of anyone. 

Sunday Funday 2 BMX Bike Frame - 20.75 Inch - Watermelon Green
Sunday 3rd Wave BMX Bike Frame - 20.75 Inch - Black
Cult O.S. BMX Bike Frame - 21 Inch - Black