BMX Action--February 1983

I will be honest, there are a ton of these back issues of BMX Action that I missed growing up. This happens to be one that I wish I would have picked up at our local Albertson's. I absolutely love that cover shot of Clint Miller on his 2X4. Speed, style, great lean over one of the "flaming debris" at Magic Mountains

I have seen so many different shots from this jumping contest at the ABA's Lancaster race, this has to be one of the best of Jeff Kosmala blasting in the long distance jump. I am glad the boys holding the 9th Street Halloween Jams are still having these. Always one of the best things to watch.

From the looks of it, the Lancaster track had one of the best lay outs of the season. Would have loved to race that track, looks really fun and technical. And there you have Greg Hill winning in the Pro Cruiser Class again. Wonder if GT had a bonus clause in his contract for going after the cruiser number one title?

Mike Buff with a perfect table top during a BMX Action show at the Magic Mountain race between motos.

Advance kick turn trickery. I keep saying that coaster brakes need to make a come back. ACS would make a killing if they brought back that freewheel that had the lock out on it. Someone needs to make that happen.

Flatland legend Martin Aparijo getting his X-Up on. Must have been before he made the switch over to BMX Plus testing crew. I always forget how good of a jumper Martin was, always had a good style on jumps.