BMX Action -- September 1982 -- Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the BMX Action September 1982 post. With Toby Henderson riding a chrome Hutch cruiser you know the article will get a lot of attention. I am sure those bikes are worth a ton of loot these days. And was it a prerequisite for everyone in BMX back then to own a 4X4 Toyota? Lifted of course.

Buff and Henderson doing double "Hendersons" for the hutch test. I like how it says that Buff took the test bike to the ABA Springnationals and made the main, but fluffed his start in the main. So Rad.

I think I might have posted this before about how popular these Diamond Back Turbo bikes were when I was growing up? Anyone else remember them being so popular? I was never too impressed by them. I was more of a chrome GT kinda kid anyway.

Harry Leary and RL Osbourn air over Long Tall Len and Diamond Back Team Manager Sandy Finkleman. What the Hell? Did harry hit the sweet spot on that jump? Or was RL just taking it easy?

Buff doing the ramp endo on the BMX Action Trick Team kickturn ramp. It was always amazing that Buff and RL could make the simplest of tricks look so cool. And Buff always had the best bikes set ups. The white PK Ripper with red parts is one of my favorites.

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