BMX Action--May 1982

Scott Clark leading into the first turn at the ABA Winter Nationals in Chandler Arizona. Speed on. Foot up. Makes a great picture of how fast these guys would power into turns. Who says you need clips?

Greg Hill out in the lead of the AA Pro Main. Was he still using those "rat trap" metal pedals at this time? I seem to recall that being a issue with Greg and him slipping pedals. Might have cost him a title at one time if I remember correctly.

Take a close look at some of the names in the results list. A few future big name pros in there. And why, when I look at that picture of Clint Miller, the only this I see is that front hub? What is that? A Sunlight?

Like the layout of this track. That inside turn step up drop thing need to come back. I bet that was messing with people at this race. That is a great black and white gate start picture, looks the Andy Patterson is getting the jump on everyone.

Mike Buff doing "The Flipper". Or as we liked to call it the front wheel kick turn. I had a wedge ramp in my yard growing up and can remember falling off the back of it a few times learning this trick.

The sequence that still comes up in conversations to this day. Mr. Mike Buff jumping off the roof of his brother's bike shop The Bicycle Source. Maybe Buff was the original "Rooftop". Not sure about that, I don't think Buff's mouth has ever gotten him in trouble before.