Bicycle Motocross Action--September 1980

Great cover shot of Brent Patterson laying out the style for Bob Osborn's camera.

I never really knew what to think of these Moosegoose bikes. Quite the strange looking bike indeed.

The NBL St. Louis War Of The Stars had one Hell of a first jump, and this picture captures some of the problems people were having with it. Well, everyone but Stu that is. This might be the first issue that I noticed multiply Star Wars references.

This might be the second time I have posted that Brent Patterson bunnyhop photo. Such an epic photo. Now we know what issue it came from. Dig the panning in that Scott Ahart photo, "kicked into hyperdrive."

Toby Henderson doing the "Henderson." This might be the first time I have seen Toby Henderson rocking the Tuff Wheels. Does anyone know who that rider in the other shot?

This ACS Z-Rim test article and the photos that came along with it have become some of the most iconic BMX photos ever. Trash Can Morgan(Bob Morgan) letting is loose to test out the Z-Wheels.

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