BMX Action--December 1981

One of my favorite BMX Action covers ever. Jeff Bottema at full speed bun buzzer on his new factory ride for Team Murray. This is such a good issue that I am going to have to break it down into two post. Also having a 132 pages makes it hard to fit into one post.

Powerlite was always known for all of their strange bends in their tubing. This 24" was no exception. One of the nicer looking cruiser at the time, it sure had a great parts spec also. Then there is that bend in the top tube. Sure made it stand out from all of the other cruisers.

Woody Itson showing that he can do more than ride flatland. Epic skate park shot of Woody in the Cloverleaf bowl. And a great strobe studio shot of Dave Marietti. These magazines were one of the reasons I got into photography. So many rad photos.

RL Osborn and Mike Buff taking a hack "full-toot" through a berm at Ascot. So rad seeing these guys ride one of these with just a coaster brake. I sure bet that was fun.

Great article on the 1981 Summer BMX Action Trick Team tour.

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