BMX Action--August 1983

This issue has to be one of those issues that stands out the most to me. And it all has to do with The Pit and a certain Hutch Pro Star test. You will see that in a minute.

Given their normally epic race coverage, it is a good thing to have a pictorial to cover a race every once on a while. Seeing as how good of a photographer Bob Osborn is, this is a welcome site.

Brent Paterson getting stylish over one of the double sets in the Pro Cruiser class.

Concrete jumps and berms must have been a must have for track in Florida. That and carpets on the top of jumps at the trails. Or is that everywhere now?

I know a lot of people have the "tuck" associated with Greg Hill, and I somewhat agree. But this picture of RL blasting one out of The Pit is by far one of the best ever captured. And still, to this day, on of my favorite tings to do on a bike.

Another great shot of Buff proving he has hops. And Toby Henderson sliding sideways "goin' wide open."

Pro gate starts always attracted a large crowd. Bid time speed of the line here. Damn! these shots make me want to go to the track .

(*update 9-4-2013* That is not Gary Ellis, It's Troy Daniels. Sorry.) This issue had a lot of great cruiser coverage. Does anyone know what forks Gary Ellis is running on his bike? Was it some kind of Kastan design dropout or a Kuwahara thing?

Mike Dominquez letting it fly over the Vans Plexi half pipe. What were they thinking not having decks on that thing?

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