BMX Action--March 1984

I am not sure what is most impressive? R.L.'s air. Or all of the crazy captions on the cover. They really tried and fit as many on there as they could didn't they. Didn't really matter to me when I was younger, great cover shot and freestyle tricks I could do, I was SOLD!

At the time I had no idea about NBL racing, San Antonio had only two ABA tracks and I am not even sure where a NBL track was located in Texas, and to tell the truth, I still don't. Great Brent Patterson shot.

What was the difference between the #1f on Rod Fehd's plate and the #1 on D.D. Leone's plate? I am actually wishing they would have had one of those drawings of this tracks layout. From what they showed it looked really good.

Here is the top side view of the cover shot. I actually think I like the cover shot better. Well, minus the free prizes of course.

Cult Goods. Did the band The Cult ever get back together? Or did they never really break up?