BMX Action--September 1983

Alright, it has been awhile since I have done one of these, and seeing as it is September, I thought the September 1983 issue of BMX Action would be a nice place to pick it back up. I had this issue from about the time in came in the mail, to the day it fell apart from being looked at so much. I rode with it in my back pocket over to my friends house, where we would pick over every detail. Even when were out riding, we would take a break and look through it again while sitting in the bottom of the ditch. One of my all time favorites for sure.

Another great first straight photo with Stu Thompson and Brian Patterson fighting for the lead into the first turn. Now if Stu wouldn't have blown out his back tire in the first turn, he probably would have held off Brian.

This photo is one of the all time best to come out of BMX Action. Scott Clark and R.L. Osborn buns up over a set of triples in Centennial Park. Nose down into the landed, best feeling ever!