Freestylin'--March 1985

Nice cover shot of Rich Sigur airing at the Upland Pipeline.There is always so much to Bob Osborn photos that just make them the best. Even with all of the large cover fonts and colors they hardly distract to how great of a photo this is. And there in nothing that can take away from Rich's pink socks.

I remember seeing the opening photo to this article and thinking what the hell? Who are these yahoos? Little did I know how much influence Dizz and Gork would have on our little recreational hobby of bike riding. These guys were something else, and a much needed blast to a somewhat stale industry.

Eddie Fiola blasting on the narrow GT quarter pipe. I like that little comment in the corner that said Dave and Eddie "afflicted" over 10,000 people with their shows. Don't you think that is an under estimate? Had to have been way more that that. I remember those two being on the road for what seemed like for ever.

What could SE do to make the Quadangle frame anymore radical at the time of Freestyle "do-dads" and "add-ons"? Not much, that is for sure. Other than adding the chainstay loops to the frame, it still looks like a classic Quadangle. The forks did get their "standing" tops, but  still have the Landing Gear look to them even if those platforms were useless. Still a great lookimg bike. That stem needs to go though.

There is a thing beauty with how smooth and high Brian Blyther would air at these contest. Perfect X-Up out of the deep end of the Pipeline. Another thing from this time frame was how many people had their bikes and uniforms set up just like Eddie Fiola.

This is the "TRICK" from the King of The Skateparks Final. Hugo Gonzales doing a fence ride way before any of use knew what a fence ride or wall ride was on a bike. Way ahead of his time and crazy to boot. What a great combination. I remember learning fence rides way later on and getting my back peg stuck in the fence. That was real fun.

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