Magazine Monday BMX Plus Sept. 1981

I was and still am a fan of the Rad Galleries in BMX Plus. Always good photos in there. And these are no exception. Anytime there is a photo of a rider doing a "roost" I get just a little giddy. BMX around this time was really trying to be like motocross. And these shots often made it into magazines. And I will not lie, I was seen doing these all over our neighborhood and front yard. Much to the horror of my dad.  Good times.

Toby Henderson and Tim Judge. Style for miles.

Bob Haro and Bob Morales. Quarter pipe demo. It is really funny to see this shot and that ramp. Two six foot quarter pipes back to back with a little deck in the middle. Looks like a perfect spine ramp to me. I am sure Bob Haro could have pulled a tailwhip over that. That guy was the best.

I only have one thing to say about this shot. BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!