Bmx Plus March 1983

Lots of goodies in this issue. Great cover shot of Greg Hill with enough seat post sticking out that it needed two stickers. Still classic style from one of the era's faster racers. 

You know it is going to be a good issue when they have a section dedicated to just crashes and they used this their lead off image. Such a great capture. I looked at it and all all thought of was "Wow. One piece cranks." I am such a bike dork.

This is the section that sparked my interest in freestyle. There was something cool about seeing these guys doing stuff on a bike that I could probably do. And the fact that I didn't need to go to a BMX track to ride was a big plus. What I would give to have those slides today. Would make some really nice posters. Dig that picture of Fiola at Lakewood Skatepark.

Another page from the same article. It looks like that full pipe air is not going to turn out well for Jeff Watson. Knowing how big that pipe was, that landing could not have been nice. Although, those spongy old Tuff 1's probably absorbed most to the shock from the landing.