Tales from the workbench.


Well, for the past 24 years I have in one way or the other had something going on dealing with bikes. Working in bike shops, doing shows, riding in the X-Games. Always something going on. Some of the best times I have had have come from running and managing some really cool bike shops. There is so many good memories that I wanted to share a few of them and call them "Tales from the workbench." Some may seem pretty random and out there, others, well if you don't like the words "Forged in U.S.A." or "chromium cadmium", they may just seem a little weird. So, time to get going.

Presta? Or Schrader? Did anyone really care? All I know is that I rode BMX and schrader vales must be better right? Ah, who knows? It is just a valve you use to put air in your tires right? I have multiply bikes, some have schrader valves, some have presta valves. Pumps now-a-days  have one head to fit both, so it really isn't a big deal. Just try not to end up at the gas station if you have a flat with a presta, unless you have one of those little adapters. don't think their pumps fit both stems. I didn't start this to rant about valve stems. Boring. Now, valve stem holes in rims. That is exciting!

We had a ton of customers at one of my shops in San Antonio that really preferred schrader valves. So we were happy to switch them over. I sure wasn't going to drill out those rims with a drill. Too much of a pain in the ass. We could never find our drill bits anyway. Then there was the reamer. My favorite tool in the shop. Best little thing ever. So good for opening up valve stem holes in rims. And of course it was always fun yelling at each other "hey, throw me the reamer." "Reamer? I'll ream 'ya." Yeah, we had a ton of those. Bunch of immature bike mechanics.


There has been one tool on my workbench that has come a long way with me. I think I might have picked it up in 1996. It has since gone on to visit many different shops and many a tool box. Ending up hanging, all right, most of the time laying on my workbench. The best little screwdriver ever. So good, someone once nick named it Flavor Flav. Fits all the little screw heads on derailleurs and brake set screws. Even good a repairing little toys for a three year old. Sure he is old and worn down. But I will keep him. He is my "Flavor Flav."

Flavor Flav