More Magazine Scans

BMX Plus September 1982. Lots of racing in this issue. Racing at the time was so big. I think I had made it out to one of our local tracks two or three times and I was hooked. Andy Patterson had the cover and a nice interview also in this issue. This was before he turned pro but was one of the top amateurs in the nation riding for Skyway. Does anyone know what frame he was riding in this issue? Would like to find out. This must have before Skyway had released the TA.

BMX Plus September 1982 download link.

Andy Patterson on the cover. Botemma forks where the rage back then. 

Two things I find really interesting about these two pages. Bridgestone used to sell BMX bikes. And Andy was always a stylish jumper.

Such a rad photo. Perfect timing. Number 4 is not looking to happy at this moment.And that is actually Eric Rupe who I think is still racing mountain bikes.