Freestylin' -- May 1985

Nice cover with Woody Itson pulling a one-footed flipper somewhere on a brick kick turn ramp. The turned slide on the cover seems to have popped up a few times in Wizard's history. This one of Eddie Fiola being one of my favorites. And also is seems Rippin' might have a little history with Wizard Publications also.

Last month I posted this sick picture of Dave Vanderspek from the Joe's II contest. Good to go back and revisit this issue. That ramp looked so perfect and the guys were killing it. A two page spread of Fiola doing a feeler air? Keep reading on to the next section to see.......

.......the picture I would have liked to see in that two page spread. Hugo Gonzales with a kick ass one footed look back. Hugo was always trying cool stuff at contest, and look back variations are something that was not being done at the time. Also nice to see Joe the owner of the ramp getting some love. Nice hand plant shot. Is that even what that trick is called? Excuse my lack of skating knowledge. Where is Animal Chin anyway?

Rick Allison laying down a track stand out in the street in front of Joe's house. If you look closely you can see some pretty big names in that crowd of riders.

Online over at Facetube there is footage of this show in France with RL Osborn and Eddie Fiola. I still find it crazy that these guys used to kill it on such narrow ramps. Oh the good old days.

Also good to get Mike Dominquez coverage after getting better from a broken leg.  Dude was always going way high and had the best variations. One-hander, one-footer while teammate Woody Itson looks on. Also you have Ron Wilkerson laying a little hip hanger in downtown San Francisco.

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