Bicycle Motocross Action -- May 1979

I will admit this to you right now, in 1979 I was nine years old and at the time I really had not much of a clue as to what BMX or even a bike was. If it wasn't Star Wars related I didn't want much to do with it. But judging by some of these photos, it looked like a really fun time. Astro Turf covered wedge jumps. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, water traps in race tracks.

ABA Grand National coverage form Las Vegas. Cool thing about the earlier years of Bicycle Motocross Action is their coverage of races and the fact that they had novices in the pictures, not just Pros and Experts. The Novice class always had some of the most exciting racing anyway.

Two of the legends of BMX. Scott Clark and Stu Thompson. Read through some of the cations on this page. So classic. I like the one about "KOS not doing beans." BMX Action always had the best captions.

DG Products was not a company I was aware until I started looking back at some of these back issues of BMX Action. One thing is for sure, that DG California Pro is one sweet build. Does anyone have a build of one of those? Would like to see some pictures.

Jeff Bottema tearing through a berm and making the Rooster live up to it's name. Wonder who came up the the term "rooster." Is it just a play on a chicken ruffling it's feathers?  Not sure, but I love me some berm shots! BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is cool to look back and see the progress that bike riding has made. 1979 being the time when a one-footer was an amazing new jump. Hell, 2011 and we just saw someone do a triple back flip. BMX is come a long way, and I don't think there is anyway of it stopping now.

Diamondback Session 24 BMX Bike, Matte Black, 24-Inch Wheels
DK Kvant 2011 BMX Bike, 20" White with gold rims