Bicycle Motocross Action--February 1980

Stanley Robinson and Brent Patterson in the lead at the DG/ABA Grand National in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cool to see all the pros sporting the Bicycle Motocross Action stickers and patches.

BMX racing in the L.A. Coliseum, during the middle of the motorcross finals. Way to go ABA for getting BMX some exposure back then. Wonder if anyone has footage of this race?

Great shot of Eddy King at full speed during the DG/ABA Grand National.

Stu Thompson doing what he did best. Triple and he one the BMXA Nora Cup. BMX biggest legend!

Richie Anderson "The Avalanche." Often wonder how he got that nickname. Did he live in Colorado? Did he like hockey?

As the cover stated, a "1000 dollar custom cruiser." I was not expecting a beach cruiser. That is one fancy rig.