Bicycle Motocross Action--November 1981

Great cover shot of Harry Leary blasting into a berm slide. Was 1981 Harry's best year as a Pro? Not sure, he seemed to be everywhere, and didn't seem like he was leaving anytime soon.
When cruisers were starting to catch on more, companies started releasing more and more to fit the demand. Funny to see some of the earlier models with their laid back geometry and tall stand over heights. It was a great starting
point for a great class of BMX bikes though. 

Jumping into bushes. Young Eddy King winning 14x. Stu Thompson sharping his pedals. And the Rupe boys tearing it up. nice group of photos for the Pittsburgh race.

Very fun looking track layout. I like all the bumps and ruts coming in and out of the turns. Lots of slipped pedals. Those fools weren't clipped in. Need to look and see who took number one that year. Close points race. 

There is so many rad things about this photo. Not just the speed these guys are doing, the era perfect BMX items. More than one rider with front brakes. Campy hubs. Riders still running those Tech I levers. Great year for BMX.

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